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waterbuffalo750 t1_j0wi95w wrote

I just bought a JA Henckel Zwilling Pro 8" chefs knife as a gift. I have one very similar and like it a lot. It was $150 on sale.


randeylahey t1_j0wtiq9 wrote

Commercial kitchen version. It's yellow for high visibility and that handle won't slip when wet.

$55. I've had it for about 10 years now. Sharpen myself with a whetstone, because worst case Ontario I'm only out $50.


outsidethewire t1_j0xjfud wrote

That’s a new saying, worst case Ontario. Lmao


randeylahey t1_j0xjpp7 wrote

It's all water under the fridge


broadarrow39 t1_j0x79sf wrote

Can't go far wrong with one of these if it's a wieldy hunk of German steel you're after. I've got one of these along with a cheap sharp & lightweight Santoku. Between them they pretty much cover all of my chopping needs.


Bologna-Bear t1_j0xepfl wrote

I was very disappointed with mine. I found it absurdly difficult to hold an edge. Maybe I just suck at sharpening but I don’t have problems with my other knives.


seeker_of_knowledge t1_j14uq3s wrote

I can second the JA Henckel Zwilling quality. I have 3 of their knives that I use daily and adore.