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Dracomies t1_j0fhalj wrote

>I guess I wonder. If you go to the trouble of making anything, why not spend just a little more to make it a quality product? Again, I know money. What I mean is, does it really cost that much more to make the product last for a long time? Its like they are running a race and give up at 85% of the way. Just go the rest of the way.

It's a business model. And a strategy.

Bad analogy on my end but think about hamburgers. You can pay very cheap prices for a McDonalds cheeseburger. It's cheap, it's low quality meat but there's a market for it. On the other hand there's a place that uses high quality meat, high quality ingredients and really spends the time to make a burger.

Some companies profit off of high quality. Others churning out low quality to those who don't want to spend much money.

A sleeping bag, a dirt-cheap one, will cost you about $35 on Amazon. A very good one will cost you $600++. The key difference being that the more expensive one is lightweight, can keep you warm in 20 degree F weather and will not break apart.

You see this even with microphones. Chinese companies tend to come up with cheaper components and have very poor quality microphones like the Neewer 800. It's a $20 cheap microphone that's terrible - but it serves a purpose. Then you have on the far end of quality, German microphones, ie Sennheiser, Neumann etc and those are made of high quality materials producing the absolute best in studio sound. But some people don't see the justification in spending $1000 for a Neumann TLM 103 and would rather opt for a $20 Neewer mic. It's different markets catering to different dollars.