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kosnarf t1_izpva11 wrote

Check r/hardwareswap and r/appleswap for MBP M2 or MBA M2


old-hand-2 t1_izq1jro wrote

Macs will last the longest so you might also want to explore educational discount since you’re taking classes.

Another option is to go windows by looking for a decently spec’d laptop and just looking for deals on it on New Egg. I’ve been shocked at how low prices go sometimes when a vendor receives a batch they want to unload.

My kids are have been using thinkpad x1 carbon gen 1 for 5 years now. They were $2500 in 2014 when released and I bought 3 of them in 2017 for $267 each. They’re super svelte and pretty durable. 1 of the 3 died last year tho…


lakari t1_izqnxei wrote

I came here to say a MacBook. The m1 MacBook Air is found for decent prices right now. Almost every person I know with a MacBook has had it for five years or longer.