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eekamouseee12 t1_iztrn5m wrote

Agree I've got smart lights that turn on with my alarm.

I hear sunrise alarm clocks are the shit too


0Bradda t1_izu09vh wrote

I'd be curious to try this, I sleep like a log so I wouldn't want to try it for work!


badgerbarthowlemeiux t1_izu8zcu wrote

If you have to wake up when it’s still dark outside this is a complete game changer.

There really is no right or wrong way to add light to your morning routine. Either look for smart light bulbs (which are surprisingly affordable and you don’t need to have a multi color one) that you can customize with a schedule of when to get brighter or look into a sunrise alarm clock.


MapleMooseMountie t1_izuos9z wrote

Smart lightbulbs are so useful and I will probably never be without them again. I bought a set of 4 Globe brand ones for ~$30 CAD and I use them in my bedroom and my chicken coop. The ones in the coop mimic daylight and brighten/dim with sunrise/sunset, while the ones in my bedroom are just set to a lower brightness when it is dark outside, and I can turn them on independently for even less intense light.


0Bradda t1_izvl945 wrote

Sounds great for people who have a normal work roster. I do shift work so often sleep during the day/stay awake at night.


MapleMooseMountie t1_izvlic0 wrote

When I worked nights, I programmed my lights to wake me up at 7pm, and just disabled that routine on my Google Home when I wasn't working.


0Bradda t1_izvoxpm wrote

My curtains suck too much for lights to be effective, and renting means I can't change them. Glad you found something that worked for you!


vvavering_ t1_izunefr wrote

I set my smart bulb up so it gradually gets brighter, works like a charm! Especially in the winter.

It’s not perfect—“0%” is still pretty bright so sometimes it’s more abrupt than others but it’s been great.


eekamouseee12 t1_izxylse wrote

Mine also go from dim to full.

I'm also disappointed with how bright the dimmest setting is.