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BoggyCreekMonster t1_j24hq32 wrote

Slippers don’t last forever, but they’re still worth paying for. Really good slippers pay for themselves by keeping your feet - and you - warm enough to turn down the thermostat. Seeing that return depends on how much your heat costs and how cold your feet get.

Wool slippers tend to stink less and last longer than synthetics, and wearing socks will keep them from smelling for longer.

Haflinger makes several models that have different soles. I wear the Grizzly with cork soles because I live in a place with hard floors, and I wear through thin rubber quickly. They last me 5 - 7 years.


Gottstein Magicfelt with leather soles are light, but the leather soles aren’t as warm. I use them for travel.

Birkenstocks with socks. Require cleaning as they will smell over time. They do stink over time, but it’s less pronounced with the tradition firmer model.

If you’re in the US, LL Bean wicked slippers may be good enough, but leather is less breathable than wool, so they could get gross.

No shoe is truly BIFL. You can get a lot more wear out if them by rotation in a second pair to allow them to dry between wearing.


Tsquires1922 OP t1_j24iil6 wrote

Fantastic info, thank you! Can’t believe I never thought of the obvious answer of just getting a second pair.


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lyndal197 t1_j22yg7a wrote

I have some (used for about 2 years) and they are comfy and show little signs of wear. BUT the “non-slip” latex sole is anything but. After about 3 months the rubber dots on the bottom had worn down and I’ve nearly taken a spill on our floorboards multiple times.


FSmertz t1_j22ynj0 wrote

Haflinger slippers are comfy. I’ve had both popular sole types over the past ten years. A pair of either type only lasted me two years maximum. The wool seams fall apart eventually and holes develop near the front. Last year my wife got me a pair of Uggs Tasman which are similar. These too appear headed for the trash bin after two years of heavy use.


boonepii t1_j25r9ge wrote

Uggs since 1974 is the original uggs. They ship from Australia and supposedly last for a long time.


Shuttlebug2 t1_j22wg9u wrote

Well, there are used ones on ebay that are pretty cheap, if you want to try them out without spending a lot.


SafetySmurf t1_j234es0 wrote

The ones at our house have seen some real use and look brand new.


regaphysics t1_j242un7 wrote

Comfy but not terribly durable.


Low_Spirit_2503 t1_j254tda wrote

I love my haflingers with the cork soles. I’ve worn them daily as slippers for about 6 months, many hours per day (I work from home). They’ve held up well and don’t smell however I did notice some stitching coming loose on the trim near one heel. I’m hoping to get a few years out of them but don’t see them lasting indefinitely. I’ll most likely buy another pair when these wear out because the arch support is great.


spaceminer1 t1_j2c7ae5 wrote

Came here wondering the same thing!!! Thanks for asking!!!