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Done a quick search but nothing jumping out.

Anyone have any recommendations for winter jacket suitable for daily use on construction sites. Must be high visibility, with reflective strips, and the conditions get down to -35°C.

Standard is Helly Hansen but I’m not a big fan of their pocket layout, so open to other suggestions of stuff that has lasted a good while.

I’m situated in Northern Europe.



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gosh_guys t1_j08hx7z wrote

For temps that low, you’re talking layers. If you looked at HH, take a look at the West Marine offshore series. Work very well as a shell and come as High Vis


cbr090808 OP t1_j08k39o wrote

Yeah I’ve got a variety of wool layers as I vary between the extreme cold and quite warm multiple times over the course of a day, and sweat is the real killer. But I’m mostly after something that fits well, will last long, and will still stand up to a Scandinavian winter. I’ll take a look at West Marine though, haven’t heard of them!


gosh_guys t1_j08qh4j wrote

I’ve had one for about 3 years, and it’s held up well to offshore and onshore fishing in the mid Atlantic (winter and spring). Probably not truly BIFL for hard wear, but I’ve worn through several jackets over the years, and this has held up the best.


cherlin t1_j0a3f6z wrote

When you say daily use on construction sites what do you mean? Are you doing the work or are you in oversight? BIFL for an engineer will be much different than BIFL for a ground man.


cbr090808 OP t1_j0alcb7 wrote

Mostly oversight but with the additional occasional manual work on weekends etc.


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Srs_Bizz t1_j09le25 wrote

OP, you're looking for two different things. Find the jacket you like, then layer the lightest-weight large-size hi-vis vest you can find. Trying to do both will severely limit your options. Good luck!