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apexncgeek t1_j13ofpb wrote

A lot of Red Wing Shoes last a very long time. My experience is no matter what if they're dress shoes worn every day they're going to wear out pretty quick. Shoes last a lot longer if you rotate through two to three pair of them.


LadyA29 OP t1_j13oz1m wrote

That’s a good suggestion thank you!


alarming_cock t1_j13r6bf wrote

I second Red Wing, and also their insoles. Just don't make it a gift. He's got to be sure of the size because their return policy sucks.


Leopold__Stotch t1_j13qak1 wrote

Do you (or anyone else) know what rotating helps them last? Is it that the materials have time to dry between wears?


orthopod t1_j1biowa wrote

Bacteria, fungi or mold love damp environments. They'll eat the leather and produce foot odor in return.

Let them air out for at least 3-4 days in between wearing, and they last longer, and more importantly, NO foot odor!


apexncgeek t1_j13qj5i wrote

That's always been my guess. I had a middle school teacher tell us about sneakers decades ago. My guess is that overtime mildew bacteria Etc grows into the fibers at a microscopic level and slowly breaks them down.

But that's just I guess. Whatever the reason is I can tell you that it works. I rotate between two pairs of shoes right now. Both Brands and models I've used for years. Individually one of them last about a year and the other about 2 years. I've had this two pairs of shoes for about 5 years now.


YYCfishing t1_j13wbh1 wrote

Yes, approximately 2 times longer woth 2 pairs or 3 times longer with 3 pairs.


apexncgeek t1_j1409ck wrote

Nope. When I rotated three pairs of work shoes, thos 3 pair lasted me over 6 years. Individually they would last 6 to 9 months.