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LazerHef t1_j13sv0w wrote

Former server here. We all swore by Dansko. They are comfortable and last long, but kinda pricey. We had an outlet store about an hour away we’d travel to just to get new ones, which we didn’t need to do often because they lasted.


LadyA29 OP t1_j13t65t wrote

Thank you I’ll look into them now!


AstridCrabapple t1_j14yblc wrote

My last pair lasted 8 years and I purchased them at Goodwill! I only got new ones because a buckle broke.


katieh809 t1_j1dc512 wrote

Pastry chef here- I second Dansko. Just gave my first pair I had back in culinary school to goodwill as they still have plenty of life in them! I figured since they are on the pricy side, maybe a student or new cook will find them and give them a loving home! I also rotate between leather Birkenstocks, (they make one with a slip resistant sole: Tokio Super Grip) and Swedish Troentorp clogs, which are like Danskos.’s+14)