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deformo t1_j64ovnz wrote

I never wanted a fucking fishtank. We had one at our office that other people populated. I ended up caretaker of these neglected bastards. Then, we moved offices and building mgmt said ‘NO FUCKING FISHTANKS’. So I suddenly owned a fishtank.

I have a 7 year old loach.


MokausiLietuviu t1_j64t5mn wrote

Work to do is the universally recognised punishment for giving a shite.

Well done on the loach! Mine lasted until 8.


ithinkijustthunk t1_j650q5y wrote

Same with my dog. I never wanted a fucking dog. He's an amazing addition to my life, but I very specifically did not want to tie myself to a dog (I like to travel)

Stupid ass MiL thought she was going to be violently raped, murdered, all her possessions stolen, her house burned, her (adult) daughter kidnapped, her tires slashed and bank accounts drained by a murderous psychopath...

In a retirement neighborhood with 3 churches and 2 schools half a klick away. Police station 2 klicks away.

So her and sister-in-law decide they want a SIBERIAN HUSKY to feel safer. Poor dog has been stuck inside its whole life. Never gets walks. Never gets washed. Is fed a complete diet of dog treats and jerky (thanks MiL). Is given multiple bowls of food on the bed and couch...

And SURPRISE! This high-energy working dog is going nuts. With zero guidance or structured training, he tears apart the house everytime he's alone. He eats food off the counter. Muddy pawprints on all the furniture. Goes through the trash...

Because they don't want to crate him, or muzzle, or train, or even feed properly. So in sympathy, I start taking him out for walks and doing training sessions.
Get him potty trained, and teach him what toys are...

Now he's "my" dog and I'm constantly getting blamed for all the misbehavior that they reward.

I love the furry demon. Swear to God, he's a little ball of exactly what I need.

But fucking hell... is this what I should expect from my MiL when I actually have children?


Catarooni t1_j65264a wrote

> But fucking hell... is this what I should expect from my MiL when I actually have children?

Yes. That behavior is a massive red flag, especially if your SO takes their side.


ithinkijustthunk t1_j65od7x wrote

Clarification: my SO is amazing. We raise this beautiful fluffer as best we can as a team.

SO also has a sister... who is not so amazing. Very spoiled, confrontational, arrogant, and likes to stir shit in the family.

In honesty, its one of many problems that is causing a LOT of household stress. MiL and SiL are like this about a lot of things (they've both got some very deep unresolved traumas).

Its why SO and I are looking at setting up a mortgage. Even a trailer would be better than this situation: at least I won't lose sleep and can fuck in peace.


Catarooni t1_j668dyw wrote

That sounds super stressful! I'm glad that you and your SO have each other's backs, though. I wish you the best of luck in getting out of that situation.


BaaaBaaaBlackSheep t1_j655p2x wrote

How fucking dare you mention a dog without paying the tax.


mohishunder t1_j65xjxf wrote

> I actually have children?

FYI, dog-kid youtube videos can be a lucrative side business.


4filth t1_j67crc6 wrote

God… this is also me with the dog my stepdad brought home without talking to any of us and while my mom was out of town on vacation… Because I’m the only person who gives a shit on how to properly train a dog suddenly he’s “mine” and “only listens to me” and I can’t even leave the house whenever I want because suddenly he’s my responsibility…


HarmlessHeffalump t1_j65l66u wrote

When I was a kid, I won two goldfish at the carnival. I was so excited to put them in my dad’s fish tank at home. He was less thrilled about my “poopy goldfish” living in his nice tropical tank. Eventually he caved, because I assume my mom pointed out that a happy wife and kid were more important than his fish tank. Plus “they were just carnival fish so they’d probably die soon anyway,” he said. Those goldfish ended up living for years, including making it through a move to a new house and a new tank. When the last one finally died he was far too big to flush. I asked my dad what he did with it, and he said he just threw it out for the birds. Little me was heartbroken, but my dad hated those goldfish all the way to the end.


latitudesixtysix t1_j65d1ms wrote

My buddy went back to Tasmania and left me her tank. Her fish started breeding and suddenly I had even more fish and a beautifully planted aquarium with co2… great hobby. Sure wish my wifey would allow fish in our new home. I should really just get a nano tank.


juniperwillows t1_j6624ck wrote

Why not fish? I love the sound of my fish tank’s filter running, I always grew up around water and now live in a city so it’s really relaxing to me. I’m planning on adding some more surface greenery after I move and get the tank set up properly again, to add some plant life to my living room


Nobody_special1980 t1_j675a59 wrote

You wish your wife would “allow” fish in your home? WTF?? I can’t believe what some people will put up with.


nicoal123 t1_j64r3x7 wrote

My son caught a wild catfish in our creek. He put it in his fish tank. It ate all the other fish and doubled in size in just two weeks. He took it out of his tank and released it back where he caught it. While it was in the tank it would only come out of hiding at night. You had to use a flashlight at night to take a peek at him. It was pretty cool.


ferrix t1_j64xbxv wrote

Gave him a free vacation with meals and round trip travel included


nicoal123 t1_j64xig0 wrote

Lol pretty much. I can only imagine how big he is now.


DirtwormSlim t1_j667cah wrote

Best two weeks of my life.


AccountUnable t1_j66z7om wrote

None of the other fish in the pond believe him. He tells the story at the pub all the time.


chishiki t1_j674u8l wrote

“There’s Curly Catfish who got abducted by aliens… tell us again about the butt probe you drunk bastard lolol!!!”


rickyshine t1_j67bgnk wrote

In the future* please don't release fish into the wild, it poses a risk of aquatic invasive species

Edit: i know its not an invasive species per se but in my state this situation is handled under aquatic invasive species regulations and its always best practice to rehome or dispose of fish kept in an aquarium so they dont threaten wild fish❤️ -avid fisherman


BubblebreathDragon t1_j67i5t0 wrote

I see what you're trying to say but the invasive part is less of an issue if you caught it from the wild.

The bigger concern of releasing any fish into the wild - regardless of origin - is that you may be spreading disease/illness from your aquarium that can now infect other wildlife.

I can't speak for other states but I know in the state of Washington, it's illegal to catch from the wild as well as illegal to release them into the wild. Both for disease purposes as well as protecting local wildlife in general.


Fen94 t1_j67dul9 wrote

But it was caught wild originally


nicoal123 t1_j6896wq wrote

He released the fish in the same spot where he originally trapped it.


rickyshine t1_j68adxa wrote

It could catch an infection in your aquarium and spread it to native fish. Unfortunately its best practice to never release live animals or plants back into the wild.


nicoal123 t1_j68bjfc wrote

My son is an adult now. He doesn't go to the creek anymore to trap and release weird little creatures for fun.


rickyshine t1_j68bq7b wrote

👍🏼👍🏼 just helpful info for others so they dont find themselves in a legal battle with the department of natural resources


RenaKunisaki t1_j64s1wv wrote

"buy it for life" takes on a new meaning when the "it" is alive.


mukawalka t1_j63bce3 wrote

They are beautiful quirky fish. Extremely hardy.


CommonHouseMeep t1_j66rhwl wrote

I read hardy as handy and imagined the catfish repairing a hole in some drywall


kastabortettkonto t1_j63sqxs wrote

Yeah they live like upp to 60 years or something


desireeisaloser t1_j655oz2 wrote

the average life expectancy for a catfish is 18 years


VermicelliOk8288 t1_j675fxo wrote

Mekong giants can live past 60, that’s probably the type they’re referring to. Some other types live as little as 5 years.


8991_n t1_j64wc5q wrote

Is that an upside down catfish? I had an upside down catfish from Walmart when I was growing up and loved it so much. It might still be alive in my parents’ house… twenty years later.


TheOhioRambler t1_j64rvad wrote

They always get you with that "life of the product" fine print.


M2ThaL t1_j64vb7l wrote

I hear you. I have two snakes - one is at least 25 and the other at least 22.


Zenith251 t1_j66o74z wrote

If I had kept my snake when I moved away from home she'd be in her late 20s. Hopefully she still is, somewhere. I'm told she went to a good home by my reptile-enthusiast buddy.


M2ThaL t1_j66u7m5 wrote

What species?


Zenith251 t1_j66vns2 wrote

Striped Albino California King. Looking now I see they "can live to 20 years or more" leads me to believe that she'd be lucky to still be around.


iAmDinesh t1_j64z941 wrote

Is he dead ? Why he is upside down?


padillac88 t1_j660x27 wrote

It’s an upside down catfish. I’ve had mine for about 18 years as well. Rarely see it tho because they’re nocturnal


iAmDinesh t1_j67103j wrote

I thought I know about aquarium fishes and this is the first time I'm hearing about this fish kind. Thank u


VermicelliOk8288 t1_j677jqt wrote

Pretty sure it’s just dead? Isn’t that what the title implies?

Edit: I think I read wrong actually


pammylorel t1_j64keu2 wrote

I had a pitbull that lived to 15. I was expecting 10. I loved her but I feel you


ShellsFeathersFur t1_j67lsyg wrote

I lived with someone who had an 8-year-old beagle. Before we moved in together, she warned me not to get too attached to the dog as he was likely nearing the end of his life. Got attached anyway. Stubborn (and well-cared for) beagle lived until he was 18.


withelle t1_j656vtz wrote

Well the BIFL concept didn't come to mind when I bought tortoises, but now you mention it...


Eric_the_Barbarian t1_j65gub9 wrote

Parrots too. My uncle inherited an African Grey from an older friend, and he has to plan on who will take care of it when he dies.


Epena501 t1_j65tcg2 wrote

How long do those last?


withelle t1_j660qpm wrote

I happened to volunteer at a parrot sanctuary years back... One macaw was reportedly in his 80s. Not too shabby at all. (But also please don't get them as pets, there's a reason random warehouses of unwanted exotic birds are all over lol)


xaxiomatikx t1_j6a4k03 wrote

African greys are one of those long-lived species that can live 70 years or more.


markelmores t1_j64xnm1 wrote

Yeah, with pretty much any living thing I can guarantee it will last its entire life


liveinpompeii t1_j65x0vt wrote

I met my wife in 1998, she had a number of fish including a catfish. 25 years later, we still have a catfish.


BorderDry9467 t1_j68op3e wrote

I thought you were going to talk about how your wife has still survived since 1998 and you’re stuck with her 😂


liveinpompeii t1_j698s3d wrote

I mean, that too. The catfish only put on about a pound since then. Wish I could say the same for us!


Contrariwise2 t1_j6672sv wrote

You must be an extremely good catfish parent.

Congratulations on raising him through childhood, adolescence (shudder), and on to adulthood.

Has he decided on a college?


Epena501 t1_j65tl2u wrote

I brought home 2 baby Sulcata tortoises since they were being severely neglected by a family member. They’re now 3 years old, big as fuck.


VermicelliOk8288 t1_j675t5q wrote

One time petco gave me a free rat because it was almost 2 years old and thus close to death. Figured I could give it a good last year or something so I took it home. He lived to be 7 which is insanely long for a rat but not necessarily crazy for pet rats, problem is that they aren’t supposed to live that long so he became paralyzed waist down seemingly overnight and we had to euthanize him.


cy13erpunk t1_j6757sb wrote

im rooting for the catfish

no offense OP


LeicaRedEye t1_j68inj0 wrote

My great grandfather had a small tortoise in his garden during the 50's, I met the tortoise in early 90's and she was big , she is still alive in the same garden , my cousins now live in that house. Some pets are forever after.


KeniLF t1_j66flgr wrote

What a beauty!


this_dust t1_j66s5cs wrote

Reward them with a bigger tank 😁


chantsnone t1_j66z5g0 wrote

He’ll make sure of it…


padillac88 t1_j673gu4 wrote

Yeah of course. Glad I can help. Don’t recommend getting one even tho I love mine lol


thebrandedsoul t1_j65wftk wrote

Only if you let it!


Catfish nuggets with horseradish...


syphon3980 t1_j64futf wrote

how'd it taste?


poopsididitagen t1_j64jwch wrote

With his whole body, as catfish have external tastebuds


dobbestheskeptic t1_j64q88t wrote

Whoa I didn't know that. That's fucking wild. Nature is cool lol I wonder what caused that adaptation