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smellycoat t1_j66fa4s wrote

Ah the good old deknuckler 4000.


PaulBunyanisfromMI OP t1_j67631f wrote

I can slice a carrot in about 3 seconds if I feed it in from the rear.


herwhimpering t1_j66wuye wrote

i love these fans. when a burglar enters the home, just shove his head against the fan cage at full power.


andyring t1_j66ed8f wrote

Nice! One of those 110v fingernail trimmers!


GunnerII t1_j66hmxt wrote

Don't let kids get near it lol. No doubt a kid would wanna put their finger in it.


Master-Dish1045 t1_j6afg1b wrote

Insurance adjuster: And could you please give us the model number of the fan that caused the accident?

Op: erm, it says Acme 1934 on it

Insurance adjuster: ........


FLTDI t1_j66jbba wrote

Why even have a cage?


ferrix t1_j68kyoj wrote

It's just to indicate where the blades are


ObviousB0t t1_j684gds wrote

Don't forget to oil it.

Not a joke, checkout fan collector's pages for advice. These old motors and bearings were designed with user maintenance in mind.


generic-affliction t1_j68kwax wrote

Probably Draws more current than 50 modern fans


Dampmaskin t1_j68rnkq wrote

Nice then it can be a combined fan/space heater in the winter months


CastaneaDentata7 t1_j66nkhx wrote

Though a little dangerous, that looks seriously cool!


ThinRelationship7121 t1_j67y1rk wrote

And to think, back then nobody would had a second thought about it being around the kids.


krs1426 t1_j68n5ms wrote

I have a fan like this one and because of the way the fan spins it doesn't really hurt to stick your finger in the front. Stick it in the back tho...not sure how much finger you'd be left with.


Global-Chemical-9082 t1_j67a7it wrote

Everyone saying it’s unsafe but the reshaped cage looks cool af


hey_mermaid t1_j686uve wrote

I don’t have a lot of intrusive thoughts but that would change if I owned that fan


ThinRelationship7121 t1_j67xvbh wrote

I did that with an old box fan I found on the side of the road in a garbage heap. I replaced the switch with an old 3-way toggle switch I had in the garage and it runs like a charm. It sounds like a turbine engine starting up and has amazing airflow. This was someone else's trash 35 plus years ago, and it's still going.


MontytheBold t1_j68p04a wrote

That’s actually rather gorgeous


JarJarBanksy t1_j695l5w wrote

But if my own fan is anything to go by I expect that yours is also loud.


Yourbubblestink t1_j69yrsr wrote

Yeah, I don’t know though. Fingers are like a buy it for life Kind of thing more than a fan lol.


Xiizhan t1_j6atl3c wrote

Buy it for life… without fingers.


llcdrewtaylor t1_j6b4ev3 wrote

If you ever decide that 10 fingers is too much, this can help you!


[deleted] t1_j66v3xh wrote

Geez. Scary looking considering my kid can fit her fingers into a basic box fan …and tower fans too.


ThinRelationship7121 t1_j67y6rn wrote

Good education for your little charmer.


[deleted] t1_j68vixm wrote

Unnecessary injury.


answerguru t1_j69hfdh wrote

Immediate training method.


[deleted] t1_j69lbie wrote

Go work in an ER/ambulance for a while then come back and act like you know what you’re talking about.


answerguru t1_j69ofcl wrote

Shockingly, I was an EMT for 7 years in NJ. I’ve seen it all. Also, maybe you could take a lesson in dark sarcasm.


[deleted] t1_j69w4ps wrote

Sorry I don’t need a lesson on that buddy, you should know as well as I do. 12 years for me. Apologies for being defensive though, not my intention to take it out on you.


[deleted] t1_j66vz93 wrote



waehrik t1_j670zm2 wrote

As long as they're kept well oiled they'll keep running for a very very long time


trekker87 t1_j684bje wrote

Buy it for life? With those blades of doom its going to be a very short life.