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scipper77 t1_j3ors1k wrote

All Clad stainless steel pans. Then you can learn to build a fond and deglaze.


nopointers t1_j3po7bx wrote

  • AllClad D3 pots and pans (D5 or copper are overkill IMO, but you won’t go wrong)
    • A container of BarKeeper’s Friend
  • Zwilling Madura non-stick skillet (not quite BIFL, but they last better than any other non-stick I’ve found)
  • Staub or Le Creuset enameled Dutch oven
  • Wustof knives
    • A 1000 and 4000 grit reversible water stone
  • KitchenAid mixer
  • Vitamix blender

Nikiaf t1_j3qwzd0 wrote

>A container of BarKeeper’s Friend

This is the real pro tip; this stuff will get the pans looking as good as the day you got them (arguably better if you acquired them second hand). And as far as I can tell, the product itself isn't particularly harmful to metal so you can clean them on a fairly regular basis without wearing them down.


ralpes t1_j3rjxbw wrote

Seeing Zwilling as a German brand there, I’d add Fissler… bit more pricey but they are working forever.


nopointers t1_j3rw1st wrote

I'm not familiar with Fissler, but based on the link their non-stick isn't much more expensive than the Zwilling Madura Plus line.


ralpes t1_j3s5a8e wrote

Zwilling is good, I have lots of kitchen stuff from them


HighOnGoofballs t1_j3p07gh wrote

Cuisinart is my cheaper choice behind all-clad. I have some of each now and like them for different reasons


Materva t1_j3qpc1x wrote

I prefer the Kirkland 5 ply copper core pans for my cheap pans.


reddeadp0ol32 t1_j3qzm7f wrote

I've been debating about buying those. You recommend them?


Materva t1_j3r3z3t wrote

So I got a set of the copper core all clad as a wedding gift, but it didn’t come with a 4qt pot. This pot alone is 400 but the Kirkland set was 179, and came with a 4qt pot. So now I have a lot of extra pans. The Kirkland ones are nice, and I would say a bifl product. I just primarily prefer my all clad because they just feel better in my hands


reddeadp0ol32 t1_j3rdn23 wrote

Sweet. I'm working with hand me down Teflon pans that should've been thrown away 4 years ago. I've been socking money away to buy a set but didn't know which one to go with.

I'll probably get the Kirkland set now to get rid of my Teflon and then I'll go from there.



not_blue t1_j3ri3hn wrote

My mom still uses her cuisinart pots she got when she was married 42 years ago. My set is still going strong as well, even if they’re only like 12 years old.


Skalla_Resco t1_j3q5kv3 wrote

I've got their French classic line. Good stuff.


JuneBuggington t1_j3qedyl wrote

I have a bunch of their triple clad and single clad stuff. It’s great but i still go to the cast iron for all things skillet


pm_stuff_ t1_j3qsmb7 wrote

the best thing about stainless is that you dont have to care for em more or less at all


Knowthanks t1_j3rt1j6 wrote

We got a set of Anolon 5-ply a few years ago. Works just as good as All Clad and basically half the cost.


ErikRogers t1_j3pqdbw wrote

Tramontina some pretty well-reviewed 3 ply clad cookware.

The general point stands though: quality clad stainless steel pans. (You can get by with impact bonded bases on saucepans in my opinion)


erode t1_j3r5fpi wrote

My Tramontina tri-ply clad are 7 years old this month. I use them almost every day, only requiring the occasional deep scrub to clean stains from the bottoms.

To anybody afraid of cooking on stainless steel because “food sticks to it”, have patience: heat up the pan more before you put oil in it, and wait until the oil is shimmering before putting food in it. Skipping these steps only makes your life harder.


ErikRogers t1_j3re141 wrote

I'm really excited to get mine in from Amazon. Couldn't find one locally, but I held their "Professional" aluminum non-stick at Walmart and was impressed. It was easily the thickest aluminum pan at the store with a wonderful long handle. I'm very confident I will love the stainless pan.


papermageling t1_j3tebhw wrote

Mine are 10.

I've not bothered to keep them shiny looking (just use Barkeeper friend regularly though if that matters to you), but they work beautifully and are just as solid as when I bought them.


kinnavenomer t1_j3t9qf2 wrote

Did a deep dive into research a couple of weeks ago and the overwhelming evidence points to Tramontina being a significantly better value than All Clad, almost always ranking par or a hair below -- for half (or less than half) the price. Just make sure you always buy the "made in Brazil" sets and not the ones made in China.

Bought a 12 piece Tramontina set as a result. Only got it a few days ago but it was $300 CAD very well spent, IMO.


ErikRogers t1_j3tohkn wrote

Better value for sure.

Good deal on that set! Congrats! 3 saucepans, small stock pot, skillet with lid, saute pan with lid? Just taking a guess.

In laws got us an impact bonded (aka disc-clad) set by Heritage (made by Starfrit) from Canadian Tire for Christmas. The plan is to replace the little skillet (8 inch?) with Tramontina's 12 inch 3 ply and eventually add a quality 3 ply saucier. Disc clad is fine for saucepans.

I sure could have used the 12 inch today! My "chef's plate" meal was pan seared chicken with a pan sauce. I used my 12 inch lodge skillet, but I think stainless would have been better in this case.


luisapet t1_j3ovwoj wrote

We love our all-clad jumbo set! Such an even cook, even when used on gas grills or wood fires when camping. Our pots and pans are almost 15 years old and still look new. Even when someone burns the popcorn, we just soak it overnight with a little Bar Keeper's Friend and it comes out shiny every time.


ccmdub t1_j3ps96m wrote

Be careful if you buy something like this and you use an electric range, especially one with a dual size element or the element is smaller than the pan. You could end up warping your fancy cookware.

I still have one I’ve warped. Anyone have ideas what I can do to fix it? I’ve thought about taking a mallet to it to make it concave.


KingSleazy t1_j3r1d50 wrote

I have a couple warped pans that I thought were caused by taking the pan from the heat and running water on them (I know, not a good idea, but I am not the only one in the house using these pans). Maybe now it was caused by the electric range. Is there a set or style of cookware better suited for this type of heat?


pressedbread t1_j3q4gw4 wrote

Great call but I really don't like rivets in my pans. I have a very reasonably priced Swiss diamond pan that I love have had it 2 years now, I expect it to last a lifetime

I'd also buy Demeyer stainless.


Ag_Nasty2212 t1_j3qgfj9 wrote

I too hate the rivets in our Kirkland stainless steel pans. Likely will never replace them at this point though since stainless pans last forever practically.


Kelsenellenelvial t1_j3qnlww wrote

I’m going to throw in here, this is something where it’s less about brand names and more about just finding something good. Many good brands have a range of products from Walmart crap to near-professional grade. In terms of stainless pots and pans, you want something with a multi-ply bottom(copper core or similar) that’s significantly thicker than the walls. It should have some good heft. Imagine using that pan to knock out an intruder, if there’s any doubt that the pan warps before the intruders head you want a heavier pan. While some good deals can be had from commercial products, the nice thing about home-marketed pot and pan sets is they’re usually designed to nest well to minimize the storage space needed.

FEIW, I’ve got Kitchen Aid and a Jaimie Oliver branded sets at home. Happy with both heavy multi-layer bottoms, reasonably comfortable handles(the Jamie Oliver handles are a little weird, but it’s not like a knife where you’re holding the handle the whole time), and I’m sure both will last my lifetime for home use.


scipper77 t1_j3qo5ml wrote

If there is a seam where the base attaches to the pan it’s not BIFL. All clad is one of those cases where you pay a premium for the name but the quality is second to none.


Kelsenellenelvial t1_j3qqsfm wrote

I’ve only seen that de-laminate once, and it was a commercial product that most likely saw more use and miss-use than a non-commercial product is likely to ever see.


TalkingMrTree t1_j3qszam wrote

HomeandCookSales is the direct from the factory site to purchase All-Clad seconds. These pans might have a slight scratch, very minor dent or just the packaging is imperfect.

You have to sign up for notification of their sales. They run sales very frequently. You can save 50%. I’ve purchased all my pans from this site and haven’t received one with any major blemish. Most have been perfect.

Prices are cheaper than finding them at HomeGoods or TJMaxx.


Arin1722 t1_j3q00lz wrote

I just saw them on amazon .. it's too pricey for my country .. can someone suggest a similar brand ? With a little lower price ..


cascadianpatriot t1_j3q0chj wrote

We have tramontina. There are other brands about as good.


Arin1722 t1_j3q19zn wrote

I'm from India and i just searched for that all-clad cookware .. one of their pan costs about 12000 here ...


Demkorpclemmens t1_j3qrdx2 wrote

My 100% steel saute pan is going strong 10 years.

But do not get the copper lined all clads, the sheets of steel & copper separate and bubble after only a year or so of heavy use.


KarmicFedex t1_j460kt0 wrote

Picked up the best stockpot I've ever had at Homesense a few months ago. All-Clad D3 8-qt. It was marked down to $148 Canadian because there were some minor scratches on the underside of the lid.


gamerdoc94 t1_j3skzqg wrote

All-Clad are priced high due to name recognition. Not saying they’re bad, but you gotta know you’re paying for that