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Causerae t1_j5c5ttx wrote

I just recently bought a vintage Stanley Canon thermos. Unfortunately, it doesn't actually keep stuff hot for more than a couple of hrs.

How old is the one you got? Or is it new?


Leonardo_DuProprio OP t1_j5c6zrc wrote

It’s all brand new. Have you tried filling the thermos with boiling water and letting it sit 5 min before emptying it and putting your food? It’s what I used to do with my cheaper ones. Works well.


Causerae t1_j5cs8on wrote

I've sacrificed a bit of coffee in such an attempt, but I could try harder.

Ofc, it's a 50 year old thermos, so I'm not too bummed. It doesn't leak, it keeps stuff hot long enough (since I guzzle coffee) and it does look good in the kitchen :)


Robobvious t1_j5e40xt wrote

At fifty years old the insulating layer between the inner walls of the thermos has probably long since disintegrated.

Get a thermos for your thermos.


General_Albatross t1_j5e5pp2 wrote

Thermoses are insulated with vacuum.


atfricks t1_j5e7vna wrote

They used the wrong wording, but the issue is almost certainly that the vacuum failed, and it's now just insulated with air.


olive_green_cup t1_j5cgtsm wrote

Try the hot water idea below. If the thermos still doesn't keep stuff hot for more than a couple of hours then the glass liner may be cracked.


Causerae t1_j5ct7ul wrote

Thanks - this is my suspicion, tbh. But it's just like the one my photojournalist cousin carried, so I had to get it, functional or not

I love my Swell bottles for smaller quantities - they keep coffee piping hot.