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Darnocpdx t1_j5ce7lq wrote

Don't leave em on top of your rig and drive away and then back over it when pulling over to find it.

Of course, I've never done that. (On my 3rd in 20 years).


echocall2 t1_j5cmqfm wrote

I did that with an iPad once


ObiFloppin t1_j5f6lhn wrote

I lost an ipod in the snow one year, found it during a thaw, and the damn thing worked for years afterwards until the screen broke when it fell from my pocket as I went to take a shit lol


iphone8vsiphonex t1_j5gdq7z wrote

What’s an iPod?


androgynouspear t1_j5gnfmk wrote

I feel old now. An iPod is a digital music player made by Apple, Inc. It was first introduced in 2001 and discontinued last year. I was THE gadget to have before the iPhone.


12characters t1_j5f7oaj wrote

I once ran over a camera bag with $22,000 worth of gear in it. What do I win?


keeper_of_bee t1_j5fc3gt wrote

Your small bag of misery contains 35 "oh no"s with a 45% chance for any "oh no" to upgrade to an "oh fuck me" and $21,000 more in regrets


obdcd t1_j5egybi wrote

And they would be fine if you did


Darnocpdx t1_j5erjmj wrote

They're not that tough. If they were, I'd still be on my first one.


jhenryscott t1_j5ezs4c wrote

I clipped one and it survived but depends on the angle of approach I suppose