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_DontMindMeHere t1_j5cks5r wrote

maybe it's a stupid question but is this the same Stanley that makes tools?


Dufresne85 t1_j5d6cdb wrote

Maybe a dumb question for some folks, but I hadn't ever thought about it myself. Google says the tool maker is Stanley Black and Decker and the thermos is made by a different Stanley that's owned by Pacific Market International.


JuneBuggington t1_j5eewn9 wrote

That’s not the origins of the name tho, just corporate branding chain of custody.


12characters t1_j5f7war wrote

Yup. Stanley and Black and Decker both sold out years ago. Brand loyalty is essentially meaningless these days.


Dufresne85 t1_j5fwwqs wrote

But the Stanley that makes the tools is named after an entirely different person than the Stanley the thermos is named after. Just two folks named Stanley that started different businesses.


Dufresne85 t1_j5hu1ed wrote

The origins are that both companies were started by people with the last name Stanley. They're not related and as far as I can tell were never owned by the same corporation.


hacknix t1_j5f7trf wrote

You can only call it a thermos if it's Thermos. Thermos is a brand name ;-)


nomowolf t1_j5ey6zp wrote

Great question. Had wondered the same.