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RoboticGanja t1_j5cs2rk wrote

My Stanley one-hand trigger coffee mug (model style previous to yours there) has been going strong for ~10 years. They’re the best mugs ever, and this newer variety you go there is easier to clean the lid.


Ziff7 t1_j5ft6qd wrote

My Stanley trigger thermos will keep my black coffee piping hot for hours. Literally. 5 hours after I’ve made coffee it’s still really hot. 8 hours later, even in my cold truck, it’s still hot enough. It’s wild how good that thermos is.


Maverickbear t1_j5g801u wrote

I drink tea and mine has stained. Tried all sorts to try and clean it but nothing seems to work.


[deleted] t1_j5gwe43 wrote

Any way to get the inherent metal taste out? Coffee tastes like doodoo out of mine.