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willbeach8890 t1_j5eixeu wrote

How long does it keep soup hot for?


Bentendo_GameBoy t1_j5f62t1 wrote

My stanley food jar will keep soup hot for 5-6 hours, past that it stays warm in my stomach. Though I'm sure it could go longer. The trick is to fill it with boiling water to warm it before putting food in.


Baylett t1_j5fwffl wrote

This top can’t be emphasized enough! My mind was blown when I was taught this.

Would always go to a local coffee shop with my travel mug and they would always fill it with the hot water for tea while they prepped to make my coffee. Eventually I asked if it was some sort of store policy to maybe kill off anything in my travel mug incase I did a bad job of cleaning it then blame them for getting sick. They then enlightened me about how to actually use travel mugs and thermoses for hot and cold use. I now have a “fleet” of old thermoses that were “useless and didn’t work” that are actually amazing!

I have a big Stanley that keeps my coffee that I make at 4am almost too hot to drink at noon.


RealRockNRoller10 t1_j5h97pb wrote

Wait what’s the trick for keeping them cold?!


Bentendo_GameBoy t1_j5ha6pc wrote

Fill with ice, top off with water, give it stir for around 30 seconds, then let it sit for a minute.