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hacknix t1_j5f87el wrote

I find this anti-China thing a bit frustrating to be honest. Almost everything is made in China, even some really good stuff. It's not where it's made that dictates the quality. There is pure crap made in the UK and US too and plenty of the world's biggest brands are manufactured in China. It's all about quality control, not nationality.


lynxss1 t1_j5fawmu wrote

I'm not anti-China, I have plenty of great stuff made in China and some amazing brands are based there like Grant Stone boots.

I am anti quality cutting and well known brands using their name to sell inferior products. I gave an example of this above: 3 vintage Stanley's I inherited that were used hard on construction sites for 40 years still holding up still functional and still looking good, save for the one with a new handle welded on. 2 New stanley's used for motorcycle touring and commuting for 5 years, staying mostly in a saddle bag and much lighter use than the originals, already have paint flaking off, gaskets failing and plastic cup top cracking. The quality is just not the same.

I'm not the only one saying this, there are YT reviews stating the same.