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beddittor t1_j5cmbm2 wrote

Gonna be rough on sandwich day though


arcrad t1_j5cxn9f wrote

Could probably fit a decent sub sandwich in there.


beddittor t1_j5cxyfn wrote

Blend it first, to make it easier


kindofharmless t1_j5dd705 wrote

Easy there Kronii


beddittor t1_j5esjfc wrote

I tried looking this up and became even more confused


kindofharmless t1_j5esv16 wrote

I don’t know if you wanted a context, since I realized you weren’t actually referring to it, but…


beddittor t1_j5f4dkk wrote

Oh god that’s over an hour long lol Can you just give me the tldw


kindofharmless t1_j5f4ty6 wrote

tldw; she is obsessed with Subway sandwiches, blends them into smoothies, chaos ensues


Coders32 t1_j5fxshs wrote

What’s with the 6 min loading screen? Is this one of those streamers with an animated avatar?


RavenFNV t1_j5fo5nf wrote

There’s a place I ate in Billings, MT that cooks their bread in a can so the sandwich is shaped like that

Would fit nicely in the Stanley


Darnocpdx t1_j5ce7lq wrote

Don't leave em on top of your rig and drive away and then back over it when pulling over to find it.

Of course, I've never done that. (On my 3rd in 20 years).


echocall2 t1_j5cmqfm wrote

I did that with an iPad once


ObiFloppin t1_j5f6lhn wrote

I lost an ipod in the snow one year, found it during a thaw, and the damn thing worked for years afterwards until the screen broke when it fell from my pocket as I went to take a shit lol


iphone8vsiphonex t1_j5gdq7z wrote

What’s an iPod?


androgynouspear t1_j5gnfmk wrote

I feel old now. An iPod is a digital music player made by Apple, Inc. It was first introduced in 2001 and discontinued last year. I was THE gadget to have before the iPhone.


12characters t1_j5f7oaj wrote

I once ran over a camera bag with $22,000 worth of gear in it. What do I win?


keeper_of_bee t1_j5fc3gt wrote

Your small bag of misery contains 35 "oh no"s with a 45% chance for any "oh no" to upgrade to an "oh fuck me" and $21,000 more in regrets


obdcd t1_j5egybi wrote

And they would be fine if you did


Darnocpdx t1_j5erjmj wrote

They're not that tough. If they were, I'd still be on my first one.


jhenryscott t1_j5ezs4c wrote

I clipped one and it survived but depends on the angle of approach I suppose


fort221 t1_j5c4ljp wrote



Leonardo_DuProprio OP t1_j5c5h6p wrote



hilarymeggin t1_j5evpy8 wrote

Every day??


slickvibez t1_j5f4896 wrote

Great for digestion. Soup all day… EVERY day.


lober t1_j5c50g9 wrote

I’d like to know what kind of soup.


_DontMindMeHere t1_j5cks5r wrote

maybe it's a stupid question but is this the same Stanley that makes tools?


Dufresne85 t1_j5d6cdb wrote

Maybe a dumb question for some folks, but I hadn't ever thought about it myself. Google says the tool maker is Stanley Black and Decker and the thermos is made by a different Stanley that's owned by Pacific Market International.


JuneBuggington t1_j5eewn9 wrote

That’s not the origins of the name tho, just corporate branding chain of custody.


12characters t1_j5f7war wrote

Yup. Stanley and Black and Decker both sold out years ago. Brand loyalty is essentially meaningless these days.


Dufresne85 t1_j5fwwqs wrote

But the Stanley that makes the tools is named after an entirely different person than the Stanley the thermos is named after. Just two folks named Stanley that started different businesses.


Dufresne85 t1_j5hu1ed wrote

The origins are that both companies were started by people with the last name Stanley. They're not related and as far as I can tell were never owned by the same corporation.


hacknix t1_j5f7trf wrote

You can only call it a thermos if it's Thermos. Thermos is a brand name ;-)


nomowolf t1_j5ey6zp wrote

Great question. Had wondered the same.


lynxss1 t1_j5dsxiu wrote

Check the bottom, new stuff is mostly made in China :( not quite as good as the old Stanley. Mine have had paint flake off and start coming apart within a year, where as my grandfathers that I inherited look beat to hell and one even has a rebar handle welded on it and paint is chip free, all still good condition.

I do have 4 of the soup thermoses that are 1/3 that size for my kids school lunches though. In the morning I'll cook up some chicken or pork, sometimes with rice and put it in hot off the stove and it'll stay hot till their lunch. My kids are so spoiled lol, I was lucky to get crappy sloppy joe or meatloaf from the cafeteria at school when I was a kid.


FoleyisGood t1_j5eglot wrote

Mine is made in China and 24 hours later liquids are still warm after going in boiling hot


uChoice_Reindeer7903 t1_j5f3aj1 wrote

I guess it depends on if you trust Chinese products with what you are investing. For example, there are articles out there claiming that China recycles engine blocks and uses them to make cast iron pans. Idk how true it is and idk how strict their regulations are and for that reason I avoid at all cost anything made in China for stuff that contacts my food/water.


stavrosisfatandgay t1_j5eu4bp wrote

Same I have like a half dozen Chinese made Stanley products that are still tough as nails and keep stuff hot forever


hacknix t1_j5f87el wrote

I find this anti-China thing a bit frustrating to be honest. Almost everything is made in China, even some really good stuff. It's not where it's made that dictates the quality. There is pure crap made in the UK and US too and plenty of the world's biggest brands are manufactured in China. It's all about quality control, not nationality.


lynxss1 t1_j5fawmu wrote

I'm not anti-China, I have plenty of great stuff made in China and some amazing brands are based there like Grant Stone boots.

I am anti quality cutting and well known brands using their name to sell inferior products. I gave an example of this above: 3 vintage Stanley's I inherited that were used hard on construction sites for 40 years still holding up still functional and still looking good, save for the one with a new handle welded on. 2 New stanley's used for motorcycle touring and commuting for 5 years, staying mostly in a saddle bag and much lighter use than the originals, already have paint flaking off, gaskets failing and plastic cup top cracking. The quality is just not the same.

I'm not the only one saying this, there are YT reviews stating the same.


Samvega_California t1_j5clwxs wrote

My issue with Stanley is the amount of plastic they use. Plastic is never BIFL. It will always get brittle and break. I prefer the Klean Kanteen thermoses.


Leonardo_DuProprio OP t1_j5cmxh3 wrote

I thought the same when i bought it. Did they change the design through the years and added more plastic? Because the ones from the 50-60 have a strong BIFL reputation and look the same.


Captian_Kenai t1_j5dicna wrote

They haven’t, plastic can absolutely be bifl and last for years. Just look at your trash cans. The problem is most companies just use the absolute cheapest plastic possible


AlsionGrace t1_j5cgt27 wrote

Wow! I can’t believe I’ve never noticed how rad their winged-Bear logo is.


RoboticGanja t1_j5cs2rk wrote

My Stanley one-hand trigger coffee mug (model style previous to yours there) has been going strong for ~10 years. They’re the best mugs ever, and this newer variety you go there is easier to clean the lid.


Ziff7 t1_j5ft6qd wrote

My Stanley trigger thermos will keep my black coffee piping hot for hours. Literally. 5 hours after I’ve made coffee it’s still really hot. 8 hours later, even in my cold truck, it’s still hot enough. It’s wild how good that thermos is.


Maverickbear t1_j5g801u wrote

I drink tea and mine has stained. Tried all sorts to try and clean it but nothing seems to work.


[deleted] t1_j5gwe43 wrote

Any way to get the inherent metal taste out? Coffee tastes like doodoo out of mine.


willbeach8890 t1_j5eixeu wrote

How long does it keep soup hot for?


Bentendo_GameBoy t1_j5f62t1 wrote

My stanley food jar will keep soup hot for 5-6 hours, past that it stays warm in my stomach. Though I'm sure it could go longer. The trick is to fill it with boiling water to warm it before putting food in.


Baylett t1_j5fwffl wrote

This top can’t be emphasized enough! My mind was blown when I was taught this.

Would always go to a local coffee shop with my travel mug and they would always fill it with the hot water for tea while they prepped to make my coffee. Eventually I asked if it was some sort of store policy to maybe kill off anything in my travel mug incase I did a bad job of cleaning it then blame them for getting sick. They then enlightened me about how to actually use travel mugs and thermoses for hot and cold use. I now have a “fleet” of old thermoses that were “useless and didn’t work” that are actually amazing!

I have a big Stanley that keeps my coffee that I make at 4am almost too hot to drink at noon.


RealRockNRoller10 t1_j5h97pb wrote

Wait what’s the trick for keeping them cold?!


Bentendo_GameBoy t1_j5ha6pc wrote

Fill with ice, top off with water, give it stir for around 30 seconds, then let it sit for a minute.


bluetrain1 t1_j5ds7p2 wrote

Those Stanley travel mugs on the left are the best. Never leaks and keeps coffee hotter, longer than any i’ve ever used.


g_13 t1_j5fh3ia wrote

I've had mine about 6 years and it's still good as new. Never leaks, keeps things hot/cold absolutely forever. Just press the button to drink.


Causerae t1_j5c5ttx wrote

I just recently bought a vintage Stanley Canon thermos. Unfortunately, it doesn't actually keep stuff hot for more than a couple of hrs.

How old is the one you got? Or is it new?


Leonardo_DuProprio OP t1_j5c6zrc wrote

It’s all brand new. Have you tried filling the thermos with boiling water and letting it sit 5 min before emptying it and putting your food? It’s what I used to do with my cheaper ones. Works well.


Causerae t1_j5cs8on wrote

I've sacrificed a bit of coffee in such an attempt, but I could try harder.

Ofc, it's a 50 year old thermos, so I'm not too bummed. It doesn't leak, it keeps stuff hot long enough (since I guzzle coffee) and it does look good in the kitchen :)


Robobvious t1_j5e40xt wrote

At fifty years old the insulating layer between the inner walls of the thermos has probably long since disintegrated.

Get a thermos for your thermos.


General_Albatross t1_j5e5pp2 wrote

Thermoses are insulated with vacuum.


atfricks t1_j5e7vna wrote

They used the wrong wording, but the issue is almost certainly that the vacuum failed, and it's now just insulated with air.


olive_green_cup t1_j5cgtsm wrote

Try the hot water idea below. If the thermos still doesn't keep stuff hot for more than a couple of hours then the glass liner may be cracked.


Causerae t1_j5ct7ul wrote

Thanks - this is my suspicion, tbh. But it's just like the one my photojournalist cousin carried, so I had to get it, functional or not

I love my Swell bottles for smaller quantities - they keep coffee piping hot.


Noir_Ocelot t1_j5dlphi wrote

Yo, where did you get that tall spoon, I didn't see any that big on Stanley's site.


Leonardo_DuProprio OP t1_j5escu7 wrote

It’s a generic titanium camping spoon from Amazon. They sell them for the freeze-dried food pouches you use while backpacking but they also come in very handy for this type of container .


[deleted] t1_j5f8alb wrote



imyxle t1_j5fkmqa wrote

It works fine for the freeze dried meals, but I have never used it for soup before.


redvillafranco t1_j5dm3ig wrote

Is all this new Stanley stuff that is everywhere as good as the old stuff?


Admiral347 t1_j5ex2kk wrote

Search this sub there was somebody here that did an insane amount of extensive testing on Stanley thermos’ of every iteration. They found that the new black Stanley’s were still excellent iirc but quality on the green ones has decreased.


musclebobble t1_j5eakdv wrote

Just bought mine! I also got the food jar. I'm very excited! Haha.


Tonka2thousand t1_j5eklsp wrote

Stanley isn't good quality anymore. It's made in China. The lid came apart on mine then the stopper stopped sealing. Good luck having it more than a year with daily use.


Spagdidly t1_j5f148g wrote

You buy a thermos. You tell yourself, this is the last thermos I will ever need in my life. Buy the thermos, then for a couple years you're satisfied that no matter what goes wrong, at least you've got your thermos issue handled.


Lekili t1_j5ckbp7 wrote

I just realized this is the same brand all the influencers are carrying around. If they made a green vintage one like this I may consider it ha


SciFiHiFive t1_j5dkfqw wrote

####I'm A Soup Man, You See?


rotenbart t1_j5e77a5 wrote

Jury’s still out on the bear logo. So far the original metal logo’d ones I have are fantastic but I bought the new version of the water bottle and I can see the dip in quality. However, my French press mug has the new logo and it seems very well made.


bootsforever t1_j5ec800 wrote

Can you get a replacement lid anywhere? I have this same coffee thermos but after lending it to a friend, the lid (not the cup, but the stopper) was screwed onto the threads crooked, and now it doesn't seal. I have been hanging onto it in three hopes I can find a replacement lid.

Edit: looking again- I have a different Stanley thermos, but it's from the same generation. Question still stands, though.


Strykker t1_j5ecrkr wrote

I think Amazon had some replacement parts iirc. But, you could always contact Stanley and give them the product information and they can send you a new one. Idk if product replacements for lost items are free though.


replyjohn t1_j5edaty wrote

Hey man, nice stanleys! I’ll catch ya next time, goodbye!


M-Rage t1_j5exet3 wrote

I’ve had that mug on the left for 7 years, daily use, absolutely love it. And it keeps my coffee hotter longer than anything else I’ve troes


sunnyridgeoc t1_j5eysun wrote

What kind of lunch fits in there besides soup?


olddog_br t1_j5fbgo2 wrote

I use mine to carry pork and chicken noodles, burritos or spaghetti bolognese.

Soup for some reason only makes me hungrier.


jhenryscott t1_j5ezo5p wrote

I sing the praises of Stanley1913 all day everyday. They are the one stop for food/bev storage.


Time4Timmy t1_j5f2aj5 wrote

The mug on the left is awesome! My union gave them out last year, love the push to open lid.


spacewaya t1_j5f2pvv wrote

Someone told me just yesterday they've had their Stanley for over 30 years. I love the brand and have three of their products.


geneorama t1_j5f63px wrote

I got a hold of an identical Stanley vintage thermos (along with the laundry baskets I posted), but I was very disappointed with its heat holding efficiency. I have a Microsoft Teams thermos that I found at work that keeps my coffee hot all day, and it’s actually slightly warm two days later when I forget it.

The Teams thermos isn’t Yeti or anything, it’s just some knock off I think. It’s much smaller, but it’s about half the liquid volume but only a quarter of the thermos size.


Causerae t1_j5finw6 wrote

Swell brand will keep your coffee actually hot all day.

In the morning, I make a pot of coffee, add cream & stuff, drink half then and pour the other half into my Swell to take to work. It's great, hot coffee exactly how I like it at 2 pm :)


robiiins t1_j5fbvxf wrote

Stupid question but I happen to have an ancient stanley thermos like the right one in the picture. Due to age and abuse, I cant read the embossed/printed care instructions and was wondering if anyone knows if they’re dishwasher safe. I’ve been hand washing and don’t mind it but if I were to use it for much more than just hot water, I prefer to know how high maintenance the care is. Thanks in advance!


fightwriter t1_j5fdf1x wrote

these things flake off inside, don't trust stanley gear.


Blue-Bird780 t1_j5fkvqg wrote

I just got a 1qt Stanley beverage vessel (hammertone blue) and I definitely notice it’s not as hefty as my grandpa’s old machine green one but it still works like a hot damn. Coffee is hot until the last drop at the end of my work day. I’ll report back on how it hold up in 10 years I guess!


peterhanraddy t1_j5gk91c wrote

Do you only eat soup for lunch or do you put other food in this?


sumlikeitScott t1_j5h2scr wrote

Stanley advertising budget must be huge this year. So many influencers have been posting picks it’s turned into a trend to show off your Stanley’s.


doomtownpunx t1_j5muqjs wrote

Got one of these free dumpster diving. Opened it up and there was some rust on the bottom.


gjohn12 t1_j5yrj8v wrote

Get the Stanley Food Jar! Best money I ever spent keeping food hot. Easier to clean than the thermos too.


mdjmd73 t1_j5f2bx5 wrote

Funny that Stanley is trendy now. They used to be the only insulated thermos and cup option in the 70s and 80s.


Willing_Signature279 t1_j5eanqb wrote

People who claim “buyitforlife” on thermos flasks are lying because I know you’ll just get bored of your flask and buy another “Buyitforlife” flask.

Also you mean to tell me that for the rest of your life you’re going to have a liquid lunch?


Leonardo_DuProprio OP t1_j5fpn8v wrote

I also own regular plastic containers for other meals types. I’m not really interested in collecting thermos food jars so I’m pretty sure this will be my last one for a good while.