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kastabortettkonto t1_j5ux5xy wrote

No, not really. If you're worried about blue light from screens, use a red filter on them instead. If you're worried about "blue light" from the sun, it's nonsense, use UV- protection lenses instead


501_Error t1_j5vlspz wrote

Also, both Windows and MacOS have blue light reduction modes free in the OS.

On the Mac, it's called Night Shift, and on Windows it's Night Light.




SheepImitation t1_j5wtfk7 wrote

This^^ cell phones and tablets also have this option. I use it at night since I more than likely will end up misplacing the glasses in the first place. Plus these can be scheduled so its a 'set and forget'.

I only turn mine off if I'm doing color work for art.


fiddlenutz t1_j5uzyn4 wrote

Don’t tell Zenni that lol. They send you a FREE blue laser to show their lenses block blue light.