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grumble11 t1_j474hls wrote

Miele as a brand is tough - it's super high quality and does tend to last a lot longer, but it's super, super expensive. I was looking at fridges and the Miele 36 inch french door freestanding counter depth fridge (a common size to buy these days in North America) is like 16k CAD plus tax. A midrange mass-market brand equivalent is like 3-4k. Yes, the Miele will work a little better, yes, the Miele will last longer, but the repair bill for a Miele is really steep and the upfront cost is painful. I'm having a hard time justifying the differential.

If the math was even close then I'd buy the Miele purely to avoid replacing an appliance in ten years (which I HATE doing for waste, ecological and hassle reasons), since it should last more like 15-20. This is just such a huge difference it's frustrating as a gap to bridge.


b1tchlasagna OP t1_j478bkj wrote

I'm with you on that. I can get behind

  • Miele ovens

  • Miele hobs

  • Miele tumble dryers

  • Mile washing machines

  • Miele dishwashers

I can't however get behind :

  • Miele coffee machines

  • Miele microwaves

  • Miele fridge freezers

  • Miele vacuum cleaners

Largely for the same reasons you've stated as well as the fact that the vacuum cleaners apparently don't have amazing build quality . That, and when it comes to refrigeration, Haier do make some quality stuff. The French door that you're describing is what we'd call "American fridge freezers" here

Also even though I say I can get behind a Miele dishwasher, I could only get behind it, if I was using a dishwasher daily, which I'm not. The solar save function isn't enough to tempt me given my Beko cost £200 (RRP £350)

An A rated dishwasher over my D rated dishwasher would potentially be worth buying IF used daily, given that would currently save £70/year assuming April 2023 prices

When electricity prices were more reasonable at 15p/kWh instead of the expected 54p/kWh in April, it'd be a mere £17/year saving and that's only if you're using it daily. The D rated one uses 0.85 kWh a cycle. The A rated ones use 0.54 kWh a cycle

What is however better for dishwashers in my experience, is using powder instead of tablets. If I use tablets, I have to use the "intensive" mode. I can get away with "standard" or even "eco" when using powder

I also wouldn't go for a "dialogue oven" when it's nearly £10K!