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Accomplished-Cake430 t1_ja9sxuj wrote

Vionic. They come in wide widths and have excellent arch support.


Frank82341 t1_jadkvsx wrote

I love how comfy Vionics are, but mine don't last very long. YMMV.


Frank82341 t1_jadl2m9 wrote

I haven't owned any in many years, but G.H. Bass used to have quality loafers. Does anyone know if that is still true?


Marin79thefirst t1_ja99aof wrote

Look at minimalist and barefoot groups on facebook. Probably here too but I haven't looked yet. Also Anya's Reviews. Her site or socials, loads of reviews. The first brand that popped into my mind is Lisbeth Joe but I haven't tried them personally to recommend.


scarlettsaffron t1_jaaa2gd wrote

I’ve had my sebagos for over 10 years. Still going strong.


RetroMonkey84 t1_jab1s2o wrote

What style of loafer? I own men’s Alden shoes (since I wear orthotics) and they look great and can be resoled. Procure, but I’ve had a few pairs for over 20 years and resoled 2x. If there is a local shoe store near you (small, local place)- they can get your correct size and get you in the best brand for your feet and work appearance needs.