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Dracomies t1_ja0ge54 wrote

I bought a LOT of backpacks and tested them all. Was on a huge quest to find the best backpack.

Overall imo you get compromises.

If you wanted BIFL, it's Goruck. That said, I have no interest in Goruck because of its weight. I travel often and with low weight restrictions so I need something lighter. So the bags I use right now aren't necessarily BIFL but they suit my needs.

But yeah if you strictly wanted BIFL and didn't care about other issues, go Goruck. But if you scratch off the BIFL restrictions, there are so many great options.

BIFL doesn't mean good. A BIFL headphones that's nuclear proof with bad audio quality is still a bad headphone. You have to look at the use-case.


arcticrobot t1_ja0yfxo wrote

good headphones can be BIFL though. I have Sennheiser HD 650 for almost 2 decades now and they are as good as new. Just needed to replace soft wearable padding.


[deleted] t1_ja28pxe wrote

Yeah, but they were saying BIFL is not synonymous with good quality so you have to do more research to make sure you're actually going to WANT to use the thing for life. Throwing something out after 2 years because it sucks to use is just as bad as throwing it out after 2 years because it broke.