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weredev t1_j73spuz wrote

No Darn Tough?


bigbre04 t1_j74itdo wrote

They are the best. I am slowly phasing out my cotton socks for work. I wear rubber boots all day. Darn Tough are the best.


Dvaone t1_j74jc0i wrote

I didn't slowly phase mine out, I broke down and bought 14 pair of darn Tough. I had my first pair fail a couple weeks ago. I haven't even opened all of mine yet, have about 8 pair in rotation


Kairenne t1_j755fte wrote

How long have you had them?


Dvaone t1_j756yjw wrote

A few years. Much longer than the cheap Walmart socks I burn through in 6 months


vespula_rufa t1_j77394i wrote

Maybe if you want lasting wool socks with a warranty, but I'm not very happy with the fit. Icebreaker wool socks with anatomic fit (for left and right foot) are in a completely different league and oh so comfortable that I don't mind that they don't come with a warranty. They still last a very long time if you don't wash them too often.


bigbre04 t1_j774220 wrote

I will try some icebreakers. I have never worn a "footed" sock. Honestly Darn Tough socks are really spectacular for comfort and last a long long time. I have several pairs that are over 4 years old and going strong!


vespula_rufa t1_j776bae wrote

Perhaps it depends on what you use them for. Darn Tough socks are probably amazing for wearing in work boots. I use Icebreaker for hiking, running and backcountry skiing. I have three pairs. The oldest is six years old and has been on around 50 skiing trips. Still going strong.


Testingthelimits0920 t1_j76z2r5 wrote

Don’t forget they are made in Vermont! The factory sales are worth making the trip.


Walton1993 OP t1_j73u481 wrote

Thought about it. I’ll eventually try them.


yParticle t1_j73z90k wrote

In my experience, Darn Tough do not fall under the "super soft" category you were going for. They're legitimately durable tho.


Walton1993 OP t1_j73zk5a wrote

Yeah I wanted something really comfortable, I wear steel toe boots 12 hours a day for work.


complywood t1_j74tlvi wrote

I've tried Darn Tough, Farm to Feet, and Cloudline. I found Farm to Feet the most comfortable, although my Cloudline order came with a nice handwritten note, and they were really nice and easy to work with when I had to return a wool base layer I bought from them (a gift, it didn't fit the recipient well).


ButtMassager t1_j79mdqi wrote

Just get the fully cushioned ones, they're super soft.


syspig t1_j745kcs wrote

Sign up at GoBros - they have the best Darn Tough sales and they're pretty routine.


waehrik t1_j73rmbk wrote

Just an obligatory reminder: if they're wool don't put them in the dryer


weredev t1_j73stoh wrote

Why not? They're usually pre-shrunk so that's not an issue.


waehrik t1_j73swi0 wrote

The shrinking isn't the problem, they'll just start falling apart


weredev t1_j73v5ww wrote

I have several pair of Darn Tough that I've had for a few years now. I wash in cold and dry in low heat. No abnormal sign of wear so far.

Comparing that to Smart Wool that I've had for about as long and almost all have worn through the heel.


pressedbread t1_j74d0ys wrote

My Darn tough always get air dried when possible. I usually miss one when separating what goes into the drier and what doesn't and I don't notice a difference.

Still they technically should last longer line drying, also save on electricity longterm doing less % dryer loads.

*BI4L Pro tip*

I also line dry all my (cotton) buttondown shirts which does make them last longer, with added benefit that line drying them they never need to be ironed


regaphysics t1_j74ag3l wrote

My darn tough shrink on low heat. Less for the cushion models than full cushion.


Bigz11 t1_j74cldr wrote

Multiple pairs of darn tough and wash and dry and never had an issue either. These aren’t the cushioned ones so idk? Did get a pair of knee high hunting socks with some mild cushion. I guess I’ll see how they fair with wash and dry cycles.


majoroutage t1_j77cg2c wrote

The instructions also say to turn them inside-out.


Walton1993 OP t1_j73txbn wrote

Good thing they have a lifetime warranty then haha


waehrik t1_j73ynkn wrote

Very true, but you're still out shipping so it's best to keep those intervals as long as possible


neotyrael t1_j74mv7h wrote

They all have Lycra or other synthetics to help them hold up. I’m still hoping to find more 100% wool socks that are BIFL, I have two pair I’m hanging on to but they are not common


dude_from_ATL t1_j75cs36 wrote

I dry my darn toughs in the dryer all the time. Full cushion. No problems . Besides it's got a lifetime warranty so who cares !?!


BallsOutKrunked t1_j73wewk wrote

I use the cloud line ones you have on the right for running in cooler weather, I like them a lot.


dnalloHnosaM t1_j74167e wrote

Love my cloudline socks. Did the same as OP and tried a few and settled with them as they were most comfortable for my feet.


Walton1993 OP t1_j73y2ft wrote

Do they shrink/tighten up after being washed at all? They feel a little big before washing. I definitely like the way they fit though


Fantastic_Puppeter t1_j76a6qy wrote

I fear you have made a terrible mistake, tempting the sock-eating monster to devour the left sock of all pairs.

Spending a lifetime with un-assorted socks sounds like hell.


c792j770 t1_j73x6lz wrote

I love Paka. Softest socks I’ve ever owned


ichwilldoener t1_j75adnz wrote

Good to know! I recently got one of their sweaters and love it. Was looking at possibly doing their socks and base long sleeve as well


Bigz11 t1_j74ceny wrote

Cloud nines are nice, got a free pair from the company on a Reddit post couple years ago.


yParticle t1_j73z2t7 wrote

After wearing them all day, let us know which ones weren't a relief to take off.


Walton1993 OP t1_j73z95o wrote

What do you mean by that?


yParticle t1_j73zkqb wrote

Which socks are still super comfy at the end of the day such that your feet didn't feel better after you removed them?


Walton1993 OP t1_j7405uq wrote

Ahh alright! So far grip6 and cloudline are great. The cloudlines I almost can’t even feel them on.


bmwlocoAirCooled t1_j74o8jy wrote

Thorlo all the way.

Their Merino wool socks simply rule.


GooseG00s3 t1_j8jgs94 wrote

Please let me know how they go! I’m desperately trying to find durable socks for my husband. He burns through socks like they’re made of tissue paper! We even tried Darn Tough and they got holes after 2 months. T_T

We bought six pairs, and we’ve already had to replace 4 pairs.


Walton1993 OP t1_j8jhtgb wrote

I really impressed with the Cloudline socks! Their warranty seems to be the best also! I would totally give them a try. I work in a refinery so I’m in steal toe boots for 12 a day and they still feel comfortable at the end of the day. Check them out this will give you 25% off.


Walton1993 OP t1_j8jjt1i wrote

Also if you do decide to try Cloudline get the thickest ones which is the medium cushion, I would avoid the other thickness sock especially if he wears them out fast. The warranty is awesome, you don’t have to mail your old sock back like darn tough either!


GooseG00s3 t1_j8jrgph wrote

That’s really good to know! I’ve already mailed in several pairs, and the shipping cost is really adding up lol.

Thank you!


Walton1993 OP t1_j8jtt5v wrote

No problem! Definitely use that code, don’t forget! I think you only have to pay $50 for free shipping


GooseG00s3 t1_j8k0zrg wrote

Hmm, the code isn’t working for me. When I click on it, it says I’m ineligible? Maybe I have to create an account.


Walton1993 OP t1_j8k7i0s wrote

Oh sorry maybe, sorry! Hopefully that works


Swing_Top t1_j74pp8q wrote

darn tough has been great.


TWG88 t1_j77c3iz wrote

Grip6 makes socks too?!?

Fucking love their belts!


Walton1993 OP t1_j77cjz6 wrote

Haha yeah plus wallets and they are actually have a sale right now. Buy one get one 50% off on everything


WSBgodzilla t1_j7ae4wp wrote

What does the warranty cover?


Walton1993 OP t1_j7atnvx wrote

They all cover wear and tear. So any holes you get from basic wear