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weredev t1_j73v5ww wrote

I have several pair of Darn Tough that I've had for a few years now. I wash in cold and dry in low heat. No abnormal sign of wear so far.

Comparing that to Smart Wool that I've had for about as long and almost all have worn through the heel.


pressedbread t1_j74d0ys wrote

My Darn tough always get air dried when possible. I usually miss one when separating what goes into the drier and what doesn't and I don't notice a difference.

Still they technically should last longer line drying, also save on electricity longterm doing less % dryer loads.

*BI4L Pro tip*

I also line dry all my (cotton) buttondown shirts which does make them last longer, with added benefit that line drying them they never need to be ironed


regaphysics t1_j74ag3l wrote

My darn tough shrink on low heat. Less for the cushion models than full cushion.


Bigz11 t1_j74cldr wrote

Multiple pairs of darn tough and wash and dry and never had an issue either. These aren’t the cushioned ones so idk? Did get a pair of knee high hunting socks with some mild cushion. I guess I’ll see how they fair with wash and dry cycles.


majoroutage t1_j77cg2c wrote

The instructions also say to turn them inside-out.