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plasmaticD t1_j9liyni wrote

You do you, but I lose stuff when I go camping. I'm not taking any prized collectibles with me!

And BTW your post could have been more specific as to what you were truly looking for...


blaze1234 OP t1_j9ll5rf wrote

I have no S&B home, not really "camping" though

and nothing is "collectible", each item curated as I go and well cared for.

I apologize for assuming the BIFL philosophy and goals were left as implied.

What I am truly looking for is a small sturdy reliable pepper grinder with great longevity.


plasmaticD t1_j9lsz2k wrote

Hi, u/blaze1234 ! Thank you for this, my reply wound up sounding more aggressive than I intended. The downvote to my post was appropriate, I should have been more in tune to the implied "BIFL" context as well! Good luck in your quest!


blaze1234 OP t1_j9lxgf0 wrote

No worries, bigger man than I Gunga Din