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Blueporch t1_j9y3eti wrote

I think there’s an opportunity for disruption in appliances by designing BIFL. They’d likely get a large market share but once the market is saturated with their products, overall sales in the category would drop.

Probably someone in the biz has data on how often appliances are replaced for appearance or new features, rather than breakage.


shanoshamanizum t1_j9y3htq wrote

Modularity is part of making it last.


Blueporch t1_j9y4l8o wrote

Not necessarily. My Maytag washer & dryer are still going strong after 29 years with no upgrades.

But some people buy all new kitchen appliances for the color.


shanoshamanizum t1_j9y4zcd wrote

It's all about having one more option really. Planned obsolescence is a fairly recent trend.