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Looking for a good looking and practical waxed canvas shirt jacket? I’ve tried Legendary White Tails but it ripped pretty easily. Looking for tougher. I have a carhartt chore coat but I’m looking for something a little shorter, more like a shirt that I can wear open over another shirt or button/snap. Any suggestions?



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sl8rfan2 t1_j9cz4nu wrote

Filson tin cloth cruiser.


StitchMechanic t1_ja0gaiv wrote

The short one is shirt length. Have my friends Dads cruiser from the 80s. Indestructable


spoppydoggo t1_j9d279p wrote

Australian outback trading, my dad has worn the same old waist coat for 30 years, all they need is yearly waxxing/oiling and they are perfect. I just got a shin length coat and they make vests and some shirts too


Junior_Ad2955 t1_j9cue23 wrote

LC King maybe? Not sure if they have anything waxed right now


Quail-a-lot t1_j9cyvgj wrote

Patagonia makes a nice one, but not waxed.


hopkinsdoc t1_j9d012a wrote

I swear by Flint & Tinder.


jaksny t1_j9djrmc wrote

Check out Sidnaw. I've been in his shop, he's legit. I've got the canvas jacket and the only word I can think of to describe it is indestructible. He makes a waxed canvas shirt as well.


spambearpig t1_j9dkzu3 wrote

Fjallraven G1000 material is a waxable polycotton. I have a shirt and a hooded jacket made of it. It’s a great material and lasts ages.


mGabsky t1_j9fpcab wrote

I second that, it’s great material that gives options to go breathable (no wax) or water repellent (waxed). I have to say though I’ve not been too impressed about the longevity of the wax treatment in the past: it seems to lose water repellency very quickly, after a wear or two.


mGabsky t1_j9fojhc wrote

Barbour Bedale.

Hits the spot between practicality, comfort, style and sturdiness for me. Very versatile with optional snap-on hood and zip-in liner vests. Develops great patina over time.


slawre89 t1_j9dt3k8 wrote

Schaeffer Outfitter Rangewax Jacket. Just like Filson quality wise but about half the cost


Akangfortyseven t1_j9du2h4 wrote

Marsh wear has the Delano shacket. It’s not waxed though but it’s a solid shirt jacket. Marsh wear makes good stuff


fletcha21 t1_j9dx98x wrote

Fjallraven or outback trading co. Both make great waxed jackets.


F-21 t1_j9gyg63 wrote

Was recently checking out the stuff on aliexpress. Might be quote hogh quality, I'm not sure. The Red Tornado stuff looks legit and very good. "Maden" is half the cost and also seems decent. But I'm not quite sure if I want a canvas or a denim jacket.


waggletons t1_ja5abkf wrote

Filson Tin Cloth
Outback Trading
Bradley Mountain
Red Cloud Collective

If you're willing to wait...Ship John