Submitted by KenKaneki93 t3_11e1jh6 in BuyItForLife

So I'm looking for a good air mattress to buy. Best to use for everyday use. All the ones I have are lasting only 4-6 months at most. Problem is I use them constantly. Not just to sleep but also as a couch when watching TV or playing games in my bedroom.



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complywood t1_jaclve5 wrote

I haven't used many, but my impression is that there are no durable air mattresses.


DaleyLlama t1_jadjdz3 wrote

Good luck. I slept on them in college and no matter the brand, luxury or budget, they wouldn’t last very long. They just aren’t designed to be an every day thing


Spiritual_Badger7808 t1_jac7sxa wrote

I got the Snow Peak sleeping mat with the bag and sheet to match, and I’ve been really surprised. It has some really clever features, like using the bag to fill, and I’ve realised that I don’t need much air in it to get the proper support across my back. Then I can pack it up in the morning.


complywood t1_jacmfrm wrote

I'm not sure if I would consider them an air mattress, but this is probably the best option durability-wise. When I was growing up my family had some that lasted 10+ years (but not of daily use!). I think they were Thermos brand but I'm not sure. The especially nice thing about them is that if they do spring a leak, you take them to your bathtub and stick them underwater until you find the leak, then patch it up.


Spiritual_Badger7808 t1_jac7x2a wrote

I’ve used it daily for the past 6 months, and there’s no sign of any wear on the valves or the joints. I’m eager to see what it’s like for the next 6 years, but for now, I’m surprised.


kfromm65 t1_jaebg91 wrote

I got tired of replacing them so I got a good cot and put memory foam on it, works like a charm