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Hi, friends. In about 3 years, we will be moving to our dream home. DH and I have been married for 18 years and gave two kids…my kitchenware is a mishmash of brands, and most things are not built to last. Give me all your “bests” for anything from utensils to pots to whatever so that I can begin planning my dream kitchen!



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The_Dead_See t1_ja8g8jp wrote

I like All-clad for pots, Wustoff for knives, and of course my Kitchenaid which I think may survive the apocalypse.


epic35 t1_ja7divi wrote

I prefer Demeyre for the cookware, Oxo for utensils.


Muncie4 t1_ja7o2aw wrote

You are the best source of this as I could recommend a juggernaut of stuff that would deliver the People's Elbow to your budget (which you have not stated) and confuse and beguile you as to their functions (which you have not stated).

You want a Duck Press Grand Hôtel for $14,000.

You want a Le Creuset Tagine as you are a Moroccan household.

See how this plays out? Be specific and/or use the search engine as it works great.


retromama77 OP t1_ja7ya51 wrote

I see…thank you! I just joined this sub so I’m still finding my way!


Dracomies t1_ja8vjuz wrote

Magnum Pepper Mill - This pepper mill that dishes out pepper like nothing I've ever seen. It's not BIFL but I don't care. It's the best.

Thermapen - These are accurate and fast meat thermometers. Haven't found anything better. Definitely made my life easier.

Mercer Santoku Genesis 7 inch knife - This fits my hand perfectly and it's such a great knife. I think these are just as good as Wusthoff or other expensive knife brands for a fraction of the cosdt.

Mercer Culinary M22003 Millennia Black Handle - I like these paring knives a lot. They fit my hand perfectly. Great as well.

Copco Basics Lazy Susan Turntable - Gamechanger if you put this in your refrigerator

Breville Smart Oven.

All-Clad D3 Stainless Cookware - My favorite pans

PVC table mats - super easy to clean, ditch the old kitchen mats. Waterproof and heat resistant up to 150 degrees F.

Cuisinart CPK-17P1 Electric Cordless Tea Kettle - My favorite electric kettle

OXO kitchen stuff - Everything they have is Quality of life for me. Not BIFL, but just enough to make me happy. ^_^

Cooks Innovation Oven Liner - You can put this inside an oven and any junk or crumbs or burned liquids will drop on this and keep your oven clean.

Lodge pan scrapers - Really great for dealing with cast iron pans.

Magnetic measuring spoons and magnetic measuring cups are a great Quality of Life Item for the kitchen.


Zojirushi rice cooker

And finally, a hammer. Yes, a hammer. I just buy pre-peeled garlic. Put it in a Ziploc. Hammer it in 2 seconds. And have instant mashed garlic. I can literally mash 30 garlic cloves in about 10 seconds. Much faster than using a garlic-presser or using the smash with knife, slice with knife method. It's seriously a quality of life change.


Junior_Ad2955 t1_ja7c740 wrote

Liberty Tabletop- flatware (really great seriously) Rada- knives/utensils 360 Cookware- awesome pots and pans


AndyTroop t1_ja8o330 wrote

AllClad for pots and roasting pan, one big Le Crueset dutch oven, Kitchenaid for mixer, and Oster for blender. Cheap non-stick pans are preferred and replace them as needed (non-stick wears out regardless of the brand). Check out your restaurant supply store for sheet pans (half-sheet), look for rolled steel.

The AllClads are a joy to use and are bomb proof. I admire them every time I'm using or washing them. Totally worth the money and BIFL gold seal.

Knives are so crazy personal, there are so many videos and guides. This is a good place to splurge if you want a "kitchen trophy".

Mish-mash is the way, a big set is rarely worth it. Don't be ashamed of the patina that pots and pans develop - that's evidence that they work hard for your family!


retromama77 OP t1_ja8tz1k wrote

Can I put the all-clad in a dishwasher?


Emuc64_1 t1_ja8ywoo wrote

I found the easiest way to clean burned food from Stainless Steel cookware is to add water to the pot/pan, bring it to a boil, and let cool to warm temp before cleaning. There may still be a some elbow grease needed pending on what's caked and burned on, but it's much less work overall.


AndyTroop t1_ja8uymn wrote

I don't recommend it, but they are technically dishwasher safe.

In my experience the stainless finish gets foggy at the high heat and detergents, making it harder to clean in the future.

But mostly, IMHO, putting large heavy metal pots with all my breakable plates and glasses is a recipe for disaster, especially if my child does the emptying. That's the same reason they aren't stored in the same cabinet.


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CamelHairy t1_ja7ebir wrote

Salad Master for cookware Kitchenaide stand mixer


Tsquires1922 t1_ja8dj36 wrote

All Clad for stainless pots and pans, my personal gold standard as well as many professional chefs. Stainless steel hotel pans in full size, half, 1/6, & 1/3 & stainless steel mixing bowls and utensils from a restaurant supply store. Vintage Griswold or Wagner cast iron


bad-monkey t1_ja8uzkh wrote

Cookware is it's own thread, as you'll get a bunch of different conversations, but you can't go wrong with all-clad and/or a cast iron pan. All-clad also makes nice kitchen tools, full line of spatulas, ladles, colanders, splatter screens and more, but can be overpriced at full retail. They do go on sale alot.

Knives / cutlery is also its own thread, so much nuance when it comes to kitchen knives.

I think you'll find a lot of recs for OXO, which is widely available but also decent stuff. I have their silicone spatulas, which last pretty long -- usually 5-7 years in my experience. I also like my williams-sonoma branded accessories, their wood spoons and silicone tools have been good for me.


77tassells t1_ja99z2w wrote

Whenever I look for kitchen utensils now I look up Americas test kitchen, looks for the videos, the publications are paid. It’s also a fun breakdown of how they tested


snoop_ard t1_jaabhwe wrote

I’m a huge Kitchen enthusiast, and I cook almost all my meals at home:

  • I use Japanese knives for most of my items, anything heavy cutting is done by Wustoff.
  • Just got all my cookware replaced by stainless steel (AllClad), I picked individual pieces rather then a set.
  • cast iron for soup, curries.
  • I bake so, kitchenaid is a must.
  • I use Ninja professional for my blender/ grinder
  • I order individual handmade plates from Japan, although it doesn’t match, I love it! I have a matching set for when guests come over
  • I have cuisinart air fryer
  • I use the French oven liner
  • I mostly use handmade (random markets/ travel) cooking utensils that I picked up along the way. I found OXO to have good other items, but they have huge cooking spoons/ turner
  • I eat rice everyday, so Zojirushi is a must!
  • Thermapen is must have for every kitchen!
  • Peugeot Paris for salt/ pepper mill
  • And other random items, I just pickup while traveling, if the quality looks good. I have a spoon rest from Italy, serving bowl from Turkey, etc. It’ll remind me of the travel as well as its something different to what you get in the US.

I make sure to avoid buying matching sets as much, it’s aesthetically pleasing, but I want my kitchen to have that differences. Cooking is a big part of my life, so its important that its my comfortable space.


pan567 t1_jaai5p2 wrote

I recently replaced my All-Clad D3 and Copper Core with the Demeyere Atlantis/Proline. Both All-Clad and Demeyere make great cookware with the latter being a bit better overall and really excelling with induction. Most of the utensils I use are OXO (good but not BIFL) and Victorinox. My knives are a combination Wusthof and a few smaller Japanese brands that virtually no one has heard of. I generally use my end grain maple butcher block by Boardsmith for cutting. My flatware is Liberty Pinehurst. I like these products a lot and consider them BIFL.