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My daughter wants a durable lunch box with plenty of small compartments för snacks. Any suggestions? The last two were of poor quality. She would prefer it to be cute as well but not a dela breaker.



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Bentendo_GameBoy t1_j7ra62x wrote

Igloo playmate coolers are my go to. Super durable. Lots of fun colors and designs available. US made to boot.


CamelHairy t1_j7qou5g wrote

Depends on what you mean by durable? Office durable or construction site durable. If the 1st. I just purchased an rctic for my wife. Lots of room.

If construction what are your other workmates using?


useLimhamn OP t1_j7quepc wrote

I guess I mean office durable. Something for a 12 year old in a cool color and big enough for fruit and crackers.


CamelHairy t1_j7qyi3h wrote

My wife needed a new cooler, the normal Walmart ones can barely hold a takeout container with ice pack let alone anything else. I purchased the Rctic Everyday Soft cooler for $49. It holds 2 takeout containers, ice pak, ziplock bag cut up apple, 2 water containers and still have room for salt, pepper and utensils. Size is only 8 x 10 x 11 inches.

They have other sizes, use link in my original posting.


PunelopeMcGee t1_j7rbqko wrote

Yeti Daytrips are very nice. They don’t have multiple compartments, but she could use small containers to hold her food inside.


SmallPotatoes929 t1_j7riwej wrote

I use an omie box & bentgo box for my girls lunches, both were thrifted but they have held up great & they can be purchased in different styles, which have different number of sections


SmallPotatoes929 t1_j7rizs9 wrote

*held up great going on 3 yrs plus whatever their lifespan was before I bought them


worknow_playlater t1_j7s131g wrote

Stanley makes a good one and has great support. I broke a wire on the inside, told them it was my fault and they sent me a new one


trentsgir t1_j7scsw6 wrote

I've been using a Zojiruahi lunch jar for nine years now and love the little compartments. It keeps my lunch warm enough to eat without waiting in line for the office microwave.


F-21 t1_j8cofe3 wrote

Yeti is probably a safe bet though usually a bit pricey.