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dirtfork t1_ja1jw77 wrote

"crystal" files are where it's at.


diab0lus t1_ja20lwj wrote

Not sure why you are downvoted. A crystal file will last a lifetime. I’ve been using one for 4 years.


UnicornFarts1111 t1_ja2hfsz wrote

Or it will last until you forget to put it away and your cat knocks it onto the tile bathroom floor and it shatters.

Things happen, no one got hurt, I got a new file, lol.


diab0lus t1_ja33ogv wrote

Oh no! I keep mine in a side table drawer in the living room because I file my nails while watching TV. It hasn’t met my tile floors.


Unicorns-and-Glitter t1_ja40110 wrote

I bought one and dropped the shopping bag on the way to the parking garage. Le sigh.😢


[deleted] t1_ja29wx8 wrote



Snowey212 t1_ja2a8g0 wrote

In fairness I've dropped mine a few times accidentally it's fine no cracks or breaks, there not as fragile as say crystal glassware.


sunseeker_miqo t1_ja2t9l3 wrote

Yep. Been using mine for twenty years. Can't see ever needing a replacement.


IcemanofOz t1_ja13isg wrote

I've been looking for a good nail file, just not sure how I feel about spending that much on one though...


thejunketjourneyer OP t1_ja1dgag wrote

Totally understandable when I bought mine in Japan it’s was $25, but when you buy things for life they’re not always gonna be cheap, plus it’s bomb proof and feels nice while using


[deleted] t1_ja31j8e wrote



avitar35 t1_ja3fp48 wrote

$25 is flaunting wealth? Saying durable long lasting things will not always be cheap is flaunting wealth? Lol, dude, way bigger fish to fry.


DawctorDawgs t1_ja3e477 wrote

Man then I am absolutely fucked!

Oh btw have I shown you all my new laptop??


Life-Meal6635 t1_ja50zfe wrote

Oh get the fuck out. Wrong sub. Wrong life. Go be a puritan.


Block_Me_Amadeus t1_ja2471e wrote

"Buy once, cry once." How much would you spend on another X years of cheap ones?


foodmakes62kgtoohard t1_ja2ajtn wrote

I have a torture one in those kits you find at tjmaxx. Going on 15 years now. I've replaced the tweezers and clips with tweezerman a few ago for reference.

Get this cuz you want higher quality. But you don't have to pretend like the shit ones disintegrate or wear down.


F-21 t1_ja6qe2r wrote

15-20$ gets you a decent Pferd file for steel which are among the best on the market. Yeah 40$ for a nail file is overpriced by about 35$ because it does not require any real hardening for that, it's just finely grooved sheet metal that can fly out of a production machine and hardly requires any workers to operate it...

Sure enough you can find a bunch on aliexpress for 2-3$.

Also, the same Japanese one is 14.5$ on Japanese Amazon, it's just terribly overpriced when exported.


IcemanofOz t1_ja2kgjm wrote

As long as I don't lose the one I have, probably nothing... at worst I replace it once and it'll be around 10 dollars.


F-21 t1_ja6psvk wrote

Don't. It's a 14-15$ file. I think you'll be disappointed at 40$...

Japanese stuff is way cheaper on Japanese Amazon. Sadly the shipping is pricey but if you bundle it up with other stuff it gets really cheap (like, I sometimes buy Japanese tools, they're often quite affordable - Vessel screwdrivers are 3-6€ for top notch quality, Engineer pliers, Olfa, Tsunoda pliers, KTC tools etc... Koken and Nepros are also cheaper than elsewhere, but they're sill not cheap - though best quality stuff on the market for sure).


IcemanofOz t1_ja6rl8g wrote

Cheers, I'll check it out. I'm in Australia and the best price I could find was closer to 50 dollars plus shipping...


jstrongwater290 t1_ja1m0a2 wrote

Like karasawa I make nail files, k I don’t make files, but if I did they’d have a samurai


fubar6 t1_ja2le8a wrote

Joke received, thank you Mr Chinese Chicken. 😀


DoesntLikeTurtles t1_ja9cq8g wrote

Something something better clubs so my arms aren't always flying off the backswing.


Ordinary_Donut1877 t1_ja23gue wrote

i swear by metal mail files they last forever unless you lose them. mine have been revlon.


Gnarlodious t1_ja2mb8s wrote

I use an antique Revlon diamond file from the 1980s. They don’t make them anymore, understandably because they never wear out. Oh and I also use it to sharpen my cuticle nippers and tweezers. The plastic handle broke years ago but I replaced it with epoxied fiber.


dominicaldaze t1_ja2ug57 wrote

I'm a machinist and you can get industrial diamond files for about $20-25 from a supply website called Mcmaster-Carr.... No ergonomic handle but they'll last forever if all you do is file nails instead of metal!


ecksate t1_ja1yopt wrote

Seven years ago I was looking for something BIFL. I looked at crystal, I had used metal before.

I bought a 144 box of Medline Emery boards for $6 and I still have half a box. (And I habitually file my nails.) Very happy with their performance also.


Phil0s0raptor t1_ja2ou86 wrote

Glass files are great too! And they are pretty cheap


bisnexu t1_ja34wza wrote

japan makes great stuff.


belouie t1_ja1h953 wrote

The sound alone is a definite form of weird torture


rand0mmm t1_ja3u40w wrote

Look for “Diamond Lil” here in states. Similar diamond crusted stainless, but flat, smaller, and cheaper.


DoesntLikeTurtles t1_ja9dobe wrote

I went from kurasawa (yikes!), to 3 swords from Germany made with sapphires (more affordable). I will check Diamond Lil next. Thanks!


Chj_8 t1_ja106f2 wrote

What is this OP?


IcemanofOz t1_ja12lo4 wrote

Do you read?


Chj_8 t1_ja2y7n6 wrote

Not an english native. This is not something that we use in our country. Is this some kind of sin in this sub, I guess?


Block_Me_Amadeus t1_ja24l0x wrote

It's for filing down fingernails and toenails instead of cutting them. Most people use disposable files, but metal ones last much longer.


Chj_8 t1_ja2y2ev wrote

Thanks, I didn't know!


Block_Me_Amadeus t1_ja3wgb5 wrote

I'm sorry that people were being rude to you for asking an actual question. I think they forget that users are from all different parts of the world and might not use the same products.


Chj_8 t1_ja6ipc7 wrote

Thanks, mate! It's ok. It's strange but it is ok. Be sound.