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kosnarf t1_j8qn5b5 wrote

Victorinox 8" chef knife


Jimmie_Cognac t1_j8sd2sm wrote

If you can only have one, this is a good choice. Cleans real easy and the handle grips well when damp, so you can wash it off and switch tasks with it.


phairphair t1_j8tqdhb wrote

100% agree with the Victorinox. It has to be the best value of any chef's knife.

I love my Shun and Henckels knives, but I find the Victorinox more comfortable to use, easier to control with most applications, much more durable (especially the handle) and with better edge retention.

Also, it has a deep heel to spine measurement so is great if you have big hands and don't want your fingers bumping the cutting surface. (Allows a more comfortable wrist angle as well)

Best of all, it's a small fraction of the cost of the other high-end consumer knives mentioned here.

Not sexy, but gets the job done... It' the Ron Swanson of kitchen knives.


Baldie47 t1_j90m4la wrote

Which model? Or do you have a picture? I've checked on their website and they have a lot of different ones


kosnarf t1_j90pgcy wrote

Here is the asin B000638D32.

Here is the original asin B008M5U1C2 bought in 2017


Baldie47 t1_j9a1s72 wrote


thank you very much! :D I'll get this one then.


I'm not finding it available right now (europe) but at least I know which one to get.


simoncedar778 t1_j8rjtsb wrote

Misono UX-10. Lightweight, versitile, razor sharp and fantastic balance


ol-gormsby t1_j8qpc3e wrote

Zwilling JA Henckels 8"


Quail-a-lot t1_j8skrc3 wrote

The Lee Valley French Peasant Chef's Knife:

We love ours so much that we bought a second because we would steal it back and forth while prepping dinner. It is comfortable for both my smol ladyhands and my husband's meatmitts simultaneously which is rare in a tool! Takes a good edge and sharpens easily. I recommend picking up a set of King waterstones at the same time.

The only other knife we really use near daily is a breadknife. Rather than a set, we just have a universal knifeblock with the two identical chef knives, a breadknife, a cleaver (we only really use this for butchery - it makes certain disassembly tasks easier....and does an oddly satisfying job cutting pizzas), and our steakknives.


Karvast t1_j90sx29 wrote

Something with a full tang and a handle that won’t rot or break over time,not overly expensive and with alright steel so it keeps an edge. Add with that a sharpening stone as no matter how great your knife is it will need occasional maintenance.


kuddlesworth9419 t1_j8qulf7 wrote

It's called a chef's knife. It was the one knife I used more then anything, I even used it to remove skin from fish. It's not optimal but with a little practice it's no problem. Much easier and quicker to just sharpen one knife then have to keep 6 sharp. Mine is a wusthof classic, 20cm I think.


Muncie4 t1_j8rdmjl wrote

Your question is both good and bad. The real bad part of it is price and feel. $10,000 knives are a thing. And some $10,000 knives you won't like the feel of as some have an aversion to say round or hexagon shaped handles. The best idea is to go to a great knife store like a local kitchen supply or Williams Sonoma and test drive them live. Once you try a MAC chef's knife and like it, run it though the search engine and see what BIFL thinks of it.

The cheap king is a Victorinox 8" chef knife from amazon.


GreatRhinoceros t1_j8rfzo5 wrote

Henckels 8" Chef knife, preferably a Zwilling J.A. Henckel


t3chiman t1_j8ribxr wrote

Zwilling utility knife, 6 inch blade. I had one forever, the handle was cracked and the blade markings were worn off. I sent it to Zwilling, and they sent me back a new one.

I have an 8 inch; I just find the shorter blade more generally useful.


Legitimate_Street_85 t1_j8tl5bt wrote

10inch Victorinox. Got it used as a gift in 2015. Moved all over world with it in the military. Took it to the middle east for 16months and everything. Solid kitchen knife.


HamBroth t1_j8vy308 wrote

Probably a Misen


Dracomies t1_j8xlwgu wrote

The one I use now.

Mercer Culinary M20707 Genesis 7-Inch Santoku Knife

I bought the rest and tested them but this knife just fits my hand so well and is just an amazing chef knife. It's the perfect example of how hype isn't always better.


w88dm4n t1_j98l5pl wrote

I adopted your approach in 1996. My Henckles 10" is still going strong.


BigAwkwardGuy t1_j8qnku6 wrote

I currently use this one. No idea how long I've been using it though, maybe 4-5 years because that's when I started cooking for myself.

I'm moving countries in a month so I plan to buy the exact same thing again to take with me, because my body and brain are used to that knife.