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SillyCubensis t1_j9hapb5 wrote

Keep your eyes peeled for a Cuisinart. They show up at Goodwill and yard sales all the time.

Of course, having said that, there’s a reason they do. Food processors are generally more trouble than they’re worth. I’m a super avid cook and there’s almost nothing I can’t do faster and easier with another tool. I have one, but I generally only break it out 2 or 3 times per year for some super specialized task.


preacher_man_ t1_j9lcj9x wrote

Same here. About the only thing I use my food processor for is Cento tomatoes for tomato sauce


-flybutter- t1_j9l38te wrote

Second the rec for an immersion blender with a chopper attachment. It’s small volume and only chop but best use of space. I use my immersion blender a lot and the chopper for volumes too small for my food processor.


Burger4Ever t1_j9sag5z wrote

Cuisinart brand for sure! I spent hooooours comparing and pouring over reviews a few years ago when I wanted one :)


ConBroMitch t1_j9hq6z3 wrote

Cuisinart is a good rec.

See also: Magimix (the civilian version of the product made by Robocoupe who invented the food processor)


NoAdministration8006 t1_j9i5ft0 wrote

We have a smallish Cuisinart that has been going strong for many years. We hand wash it and keep the blade off surfaces to keep it sharp.


spambearpig t1_j9ic700 wrote

I have a Kenwood hand blender. It has a bunch of attachments and is all the blender I ever needed. Much more compact than a counter-top sort. 100% reliable in 7 years or so.


snotick t1_j9kiw9x wrote

I just bought a nutribullet 7 cup on Amazon for $80. It's smaller than some of the other models, and most of the blades store inside the cup. The only piece I have to store separately is the spiral cut attachment. It comes with a processing blade, a dough blade, and two reversible blades for thick or thin shredding or slicing. I've only used it a few times and I like it. We had a bulkier cuisinart, but it stopped working awhile back. I had been using a tiny 2 cup processor with only one blade. So, it was time to upgrade.


blaze1234 OP t1_j9kjclf wrote

Wow 7-cups is a lot !


snotick t1_j9kqsop wrote

Not really. A lot of the other models I looked at were double that size.


blaze1234 OP t1_j9kr1vn wrote

Yes but my requirement - the topic of this thread - is as compact a storage size as possible


snotick t1_j9kvqe3 wrote

And you also required it to be big enough for family meals?

As I mentioned, I have a compact 2 cup processor that isn't big enough to do most of the things I want. Last thanksgiving we had leftover turkey and I decided to use this little food processor to chop it up to freeze. I had to do it in 8-10 parts.

There is going to be a balance of size, price and use. That's up to you to decide which takes priority. I just shared my experience. Do with it as you please.


blaze1234 OP t1_j9kwmd9 wrote

Yes and thank you.

7 cups would likely be on the large side.

I expect 3-4 cups is what I'll end up with.

The immersion / wand idea seems to be a way to maybe get best of both worlds.


snotick t1_j9kqp9g wrote


As I mentioned, we had a cuisinart that was an older model. I think we got it as a wedding gift 30 years ago. We didn't use it much until recently. But, it stopped working after sitting in the cupboard for 25 years. So, I wouldn't give the cuisinart high grades based on my experience. Time will tell with the Nutribullet.

I did buy the 4 yr extended warranty for $10. Just in case.


blaze1234 OP t1_j9kr7tn wrote

Sounds wise.

Hoping the crowdsourced time machine works


body_oil_glass_view t1_j9kl4or wrote

I have a 3-cup Cuisinart food processor with immersion blender and whisk, got it for $30 at costco this past November.

It's fantastic, small but big enough, and I use all the attachments at least once a week


blaze1234 OP t1_j9kmlaa wrote

Wow great deal and I just got a membership for Xmas.

Link to the model you mean? Is the wand a separate product just bundled?


CarriageTrail t1_j9hn3be wrote

FWIW, I have a Cuisinart that I use less often than I expected because my Bamix stick blender attaches to a chopper and a slicer. The Bamix is easier to store and clean. I also have a couple favorite recipes that call for a food processor, but a blender is actually more convenient. Maybe check out some Bamix videos online to see if it would work for you, then look for older models on eBay. Mine is 20 years old and works like new.


blaze1234 OP t1_j9hpn1b wrote


My main "need" atm is chopping/dicing celery, bell peppers, carrot & onion

I make 2-3 gallons of soup/curry/stew/sauce at a time, family meal prep

So maybe a half gallon's worth of chopped veg to start, the size dicing can be rough or even julienne

Think it would work for that?


Generic_Username421 t1_j9k4v9m wrote

I never liked how the food processor handled things like that. It’s better for when you want things chopped really small or blended. I use my 3 cup cuisinart chopper a lot for making sauces, pesto, baking related things. When I had a big one the only time I used it is for pastry dough and I actually prefer making it with a handheld pastry blender.

Chopping vegetables for that much soup shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes if you aren’t particularly fast. Taking out, assembling, using, disassembling, washing, and putting away the food processor is just as long.


blaze1234 OP t1_j9k5dog wrote

Thanks for that info / opinion.

My kids are very involved in the process, so hoping that gadgetry will help overcome their reluctance

They've been handling sharp knives since 6-7 y.o. also cooking aline over an open campfire, so yes I trust them


Diotima245 t1_j9ht59m wrote

Food processors are inherently bulky. I have a Breville 16 cup I let it sit on a steel table full time rather than pulling it in and out. Thing is a beast. It’s good for dicing multiple potatoes, slicing a entire large block of cheese into shreds, making mayo, etc…


blaze1234 OP t1_j9icvck wrote

No room for that. Imagine fitting a kitchen into a 7' * 4' space that depending on the time, also becomes part of the sitting and sleep space


GSC_4_Me t1_j9i9foi wrote

They make mini cuisinart food processors which may fit the bill if making small quantities. I echo the other commenters sentiment that while I have a food processor, I usually just use a chef’s knife for most food prep unless I’m processing huge amounts of food, usually shredding cheese or today I made scalloped potatoes which would have taken a while with a chef’s knife or mandolin (the potatoes were also super small so a mandolin wouldn’t have worked). I use mine maybe twice a year and all other times I’m using a knife (cleanup is way easier/faster). I typically cook for two adults and a toddler though, so I’m rarely needing to process things in bulk.