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blaze1234 OP t1_j9kr1vn wrote

Reply to comment by snotick in Food processor, not too big by blaze1234

Yes but my requirement - the topic of this thread - is as compact a storage size as possible


snotick t1_j9kvqe3 wrote

And you also required it to be big enough for family meals?

As I mentioned, I have a compact 2 cup processor that isn't big enough to do most of the things I want. Last thanksgiving we had leftover turkey and I decided to use this little food processor to chop it up to freeze. I had to do it in 8-10 parts.

There is going to be a balance of size, price and use. That's up to you to decide which takes priority. I just shared my experience. Do with it as you please.


blaze1234 OP t1_j9kwmd9 wrote

Yes and thank you.

7 cups would likely be on the large side.

I expect 3-4 cups is what I'll end up with.

The immersion / wand idea seems to be a way to maybe get best of both worlds.