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GrimGrevling t1_j9frfvi wrote

Wow. This sub has officiallt set the bar to low now. Time to leave.


podaypodayson t1_j9g49x6 wrote

Did I ever tell you about the dinner fork I have that’s lasted 30 years (so far)?


vanderide t1_j9hpzzk wrote

I feel like my yogurt spoon at work used to be bigger


von_sip t1_j9gqf52 wrote

I'm convinced that there are like 12 real BIFL items and this sub covered them all in the first month of it's existence. Now we get screenshots of tongs tagged "Review".


Culverin t1_j9gvhbq wrote

Are you commenting on that specific pair of tongs?

I've used a lot of tongs in my life, some consumer models wouldn't last a week in a commercial kitchen


curtludwig t1_j9haiii wrote

I've got a crappy pair that haven't done well in a home kitchen. We only keep them around because I keep forgetting to get a new pair...


BobbyCorwen2000 t1_j9kjsa9 wrote

Well, it's a good thing most of us don't live in a commercial kitchen then.


Culverin t1_j9lroa8 wrote

Think of it this way,

If a piece of equipment can last a week in a commercial kitchen, it can last years in a home kitchen.

If it can last more than a year in that environment?
Then you're in BIFL territory

Often times, they perform better and are easier to clean and cheaper as well


keepinitoldskool t1_j9h97fb wrote

Isn't Kitchenaid just another brand name that has been bought by some megacorp and made in China?


podaypodayson t1_j9hogqt wrote

KitchenAid is owned by Whirlpool and is American owned. Though I’d be willing to bet items like these are purchased from Chinese suppliers and simply branded as kitchenaid.


DrKennethNoisewater- t1_j9h0l93 wrote

It got big and people come here to karma farm with the oldest thing or most uselessly BIFL thing they own to karma farm.


TheLifeOfBaedro t1_j9gdxoz wrote

lmaoooo cringe comment, just leave


ConBroMitch t1_j9gimps wrote

No, he’s right. It’s a shark vacuum and DT sock circlejerk. I stick around because every once in a while there is a nugget of good info (Fox River socks, Miele/SEBO vacuums, Edlund tongs) but it’s mostly trash/disposable products IMO.


DrKennethNoisewater- t1_j9h0w4u wrote

On the socks subject…the original creators of Smartwool have a new company called Point6. Haven’t tried them, just an FYI