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cropguru357 t1_j8hijz1 wrote

I’m trying to imagine sending well-worn underwear back to the company for a new set. LOL.

I’ve been rolling with Duluth Armachillo for a few years and they’re holding up pretty well.


huntsvillian t1_j8he79p wrote

My vote (not wool though) is Ex Officio, i had to retire a few of my oldest pairs recently, but 10 years for a pair of underwear is pretty damn good. anti-microbial, easy to wash/dry, etc.


hartfordmove t1_j8ijniy wrote

Elastic in the ones I bought a couple of years ago lasted less than a year.


trigerfish t1_j8jrv05 wrote

+1. Going on 7 years with no issues. Maybe minor loss of elasticity.


Cmr017 t1_j8lgead wrote

Totally agree! Ex Officio is the best.


Jjacks_northwest t1_j8lo1en wrote

I rocked my first 3 pairs for over 10 years. They were the best by far. I have had several iterations of the same give-n-gos since and none have performed as well. A couple seemed close, but none hit that bar. I am actively searching for the next great pair myself.


halifaxbc t1_j8gurog wrote

I’ve had great luck with these guys. Very long lasting and silver so they’re anti microbial. Just as a test to see if I was being duped, I wore the first pair of socks for almost 2 weeks straight to see if my wife would notice. I gave up and finally washed them, but they never smelled. It was magic. Same with the undies. Wore both running around south east Asia in the summer and they never let me down. Highly recommend Y Athletics


jasonsgood t1_j8i3br6 wrote

Duluth. The armachillo are great for summer/warm weather, and buck naked for the rest of the year. I prefer pairs with the bullpen.


Vexation t1_j8itrix wrote

I know this isn’t what you asked for, but Saxx are super comfortable and very high quality. I haven’t seen a single hole or tear even in my oldest pairs (like 4 years)


niicche5107 t1_j8l1qia wrote

I absolutely despised saxx, the little “pouch” they have for your Johnson/balls is so uncomfortable just feels like you’re being squeezed constantly


Vexation t1_j8l212a wrote

It’s the opposite for me. My balls never stick to my thigh anymore which is awesome. I find normal boxer briefs to be unwearable now.


FluffyDebate5125 t1_j8lafuz wrote

Seconding the Saxx recomendation. I got them after seeing a recomendation here, have been wearing two pairs for the past two years and they are as good as new. Always sad when I arrivee at my non-Saxx underwear in the rotation.


Prior_Cat2545 t1_j8hqb33 wrote

Duluth? Or carhartt


CMYKoi t1_j8huqhh wrote

Seconding Duluth. Buck Naked Bullpen. Don't get the super soft. They are nice and soft, but don't wick as well, aren't scent resistant, and the regular buck naked dries very fast to boot. Haven't tried the armachillo or no funk so no comment there.

Also, OP, from what I found the best option all around is going to be BN3TH, they have a wool boxer but it's. Too pricey for me to try right now...


jasonsgood t1_j8i3kul wrote

The armachillo are great. I live in Texas and do a lot of work outside (construction/carpentry) and they’re the only ones I’ll wear when it’s 100°+ all summer


Softicemullion t1_j8i7qf4 wrote

Thirding Duluth. I have the ones with the copper impregnated ones. Most comfortable undies I’ve ever worn.


NigerianHurricane t1_j8j0at8 wrote

Icebreaker underwear is absolute junk. Expensive and doesn’t last long. Had multiple pairs get holes in them even when washing in wool wash only. Smartwool right now has been amazing and way more comfortable.


Lonely-Connection-37 t1_j8j2wrg wrote

Hear me out! I bought some Reebok boxer briefs a couple years ago on clearance and I think they’re about the best underwear I’ve ever owned don’t know how long they’re gonna last but so far so good


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davereeck t1_j8h2aam wrote

Icebreaker makes the best merino underwear I've ever used, I've tried quite a few brands. Source: 4 weeks on the Tour Divide unsupported mountain bike race.


Softicemullion t1_j8i7iod wrote

I bought some icebreaker stuff last year. I thought the quality was poor for the price. But what I really do not like about them is that the seams are in the wrong place. There seems to be chafing in areas that I never knew existed before.

They are made in China if that affects peoples opinions. (Doesn’t bother me personally.)


davereeck t1_j8j3udy wrote

I'd love to learn about something better...


mgd5555 t1_j8jadou wrote

I’ve tried Smartwool, Ex-Officio, and Icebreaker since having the same question a few years back. Of those, only the Smartwool remain, and I caught a sale last year to stock my whole drawer. Ex-O and Icebreaker were both less comfortable and one got a hole near a seam pretty quickly while the other’s elastic was shot pretty quickly (can’t remember which was which but knew I wasn’t going to buy more).


darth_faader t1_j8jmlma wrote

My brother swears by Duluth. I'm in the school of thought that this is one item I'd like to cycle out, bifl underwear just doesn't do it for me lol. Selfish, not environmentally friendly etc, but que sera


pdxbearsfan1914 t1_j8jpmtk wrote

Not sure if I'll get downvoted or not but I've been running about 6 pairs of Adidas 9" boxer briefs for the past year and a half and they still look new. Had some New Balance that the seat tore out after about 4 months of once a week wear. So far these are by far my favorite underwear I've ever bought. Love the long leg too as i get the issue of the legs riding up and having to adjust constantly.


barfplanet t1_j8lssqa wrote

Folks here might turn their nose up, but I swear by the Costco Kirkland brand boxer briefs. They're very comfortable, and last as long as any other undies I've ever owned. I've had synthetic undies that lasted longer, but I prefer cotton for comfort. And they're $11 for a three pack.


pdubs5290 t1_j8ms3gg wrote

First Lite. Hunting company. I've worn their Merino boxers for the last 5 years, no major complaints.


Jeffizzleforshizzle t1_j8v1mc3 wrote

Used to be camp duluth, but about a year and a half ago I’ve switched over to 2undr. Definitely not bifl but will last you 2+ years of daily rotational wear and super comfortable!


F-21 t1_j8gyad7 wrote

I assume the ones from patagonia are nice and they offer a great warranty but I'm not paying that much for underwear...


LowGradePlayer t1_j8gxuts wrote

You mean underwear that is uncomfortable AF and still wears out, and is so uncomfortable that you don’t want a replacement pair free or not?


NinePeteredOwl OP t1_j8itch7 wrote

Dang, that hasn’t been my experience at all. I’ve really enjoyed mine, but it takes a few washes/wears to get them dialed in I feel like.


No_big_whoop t1_j8hcngp wrote

You’re being downvoted but that was generally my experience as well. I hated they way they felt. I didn’t wear them enough to even test their durability


huge_hefner t1_j8nqa7a wrote

They’re comfortable enough once I have them on and have been very durable for me, but the process of putting them on makes me think DT doesn’t actually understand the shape of a human foot. It’s like they’re meant for people who have long narrow tubes for feet.