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thedudefromsweden OP t1_j9zh199 wrote

Had these boots for maybe 10 years. Re-soled them several times but maybe too late? They are kind of "skewed" towards the sides, see this picture. It's most prominent on the left. The leather is also cracked in some places, although the biggest issue is that they are skewed. Can anything be done about this? They are very uncomfortable currently. Shame, I've loved them.

Edit: I have greased them regularly, at least once/year. Too seldom?


kastabortettkonto t1_j9zkthp wrote

Yes, grease once a month :)


thedudefromsweden OP t1_j9zkzbp wrote

Really? They require that much maintenance?


kastabortettkonto t1_j9zl8rn wrote

Just a general advice for leather, not specific to red wings. Of course, it depends on how you use them. It's not that much, just grease em up, can't take much more than a couple minutes!