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thedudefromsweden OP t1_ja09qs3 wrote

They are skewed outwards which makes them uncomfortable. I wear on the outside of the sole and I probably waited too long with re-soling so the leather is shaped that way now. Look at the picture from behind.


boxelder1230 t1_ja0avr9 wrote

I’d take advice of the guy that said contact the redwing people. I’m a bit unsure what you’re saying, I see only one photo of the toe side. I know people have resolved 5-6 times.


thedudefromsweden OP t1_ja0bmv6 wrote

Look at this picture from behind:

See how the entire shoe, especially the left one, is leaning outwards? The soles were worn on the outside before I re-soled them and the leather stayed in that shape even after re-soling. I wonder if that can be fixed. But yes maybe contacting Red Wing is the way to go. I hope I don't have to ship them to the US since that will probably cost a lot..


boxelder1230 t1_ja0l7mm wrote

If you have a local shoe repair shop, I’d take them in and ask. My guess is that they can fix that. I’d email redwing and just ask about prices, or better yet email and send your photos? Regardless, best of luck, and hopefully you will get years of wear still.


thedudefromsweden OP t1_ja0lk4a wrote

Just emailed red wing and asked for advice 😊 since I'm in Sweden, sending them to the US is not a good option. Hoping there is someone in Sweden who can have a go at them. Thanks!


boxelder1230 t1_ja0mrgs wrote

Sorry, I missed that you’re in Sweden. Yeah, that isn’t an option.


scarybiscuits t1_ja4ae2p wrote

I don’t have advice on fixing the stretched leather but in future, you can buy wedges that fit under the heel of your insole to correct supination (when heel rolls to the outside). Recommend you do this now as eventually you will have problems with your gait.