Submitted by capboimac t3_121o6eg in CambridgeMA

Anyone live here before care to share their experiences?

Hey! Do you still live here? Any concerns I should be aware of?

My SO and I are looking to move into a 1BR Nobel this June, preferably in a unit with no one living above us because we’re VERY sensitive to noise.

We’re not sure if we should go for a north facing or south facing apartment. Only concern for us seems to be the small washer / dryer and the expensive parking.



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Competitive_Bat4000 t1_jdmp1ou wrote

Things to note:

Noise: • The train engines run all night long so you’ll hearing humming and noise from the yard.

• Green line runs right by it now so you’ll want to be as high up as possible of you face that direction, same goes for note above.

• Construction still going on around the area. In terms of neighbors it’s luck of the draw, my area is quiet, but others seem loud.

• the property is maintained pretty well, maintenance staff is great.

• concierges are hit or miss: they’ll leave for long periods of time, they won’t scan in your packages (which then notifies you something came in) or they’ll take 2 days to process your packages. A lot of them act like your bothering them, but they turnover a lot so it changes.

• I constantly flag concerns over safety/security, people will leave random doors propped open to the building and garage.

• Mgmt is basically non-responsive, we had issues with neighbors (leaving trash in the hall, bikes/scooters in hall, leaving their door open when they cooked, kids screaming/playing in the hall) and mgmt did nothing.

• overall it’s not terrible, we got/have a decent deal and a bigger 1 bd unit, but had we not gotten lucky now with better neighbors we would have left.


stylishdonut t1_jdp69ni wrote

A building is only as good as it’s management company.


SheeEttin t1_jdmnkgf wrote

North side will be facing the rail yard.

A friend of mine lived there and moved out because they jacked up the rent.

Edit: I should list some pros too. Proximity to the green line, the bike path should be opening soon, and Cambridge Crossing seems nice. I didn't actually live in the building so I can't comment on what it's like to actually live there, but it seemed nice.


taguscove t1_jdn6kyr wrote

Probably a bad fit. You are choosing a highrise building close to the urban center. Unsurprisingly, the center if big cities are dense and noisy


oliviabecker95 t1_jdqpgcr wrote

We lived there for two years: washer dryer is actually full sized and works great. If it’s not working they replaced ours super fast.

Management is awful, my boyfriend did autopay for rent and I chose to manually pay but there’s no reminders if autopay doesn’t actually take your money. Also, our friends boyfriend had a door part literally fall on him (the part that makes it auto open at the top) and management basically just said “oh sorry”.

We honestly never heard our upstairs neighbors, but we could hear people in the hallway way more, like if someone was walking by talking on their phone.

There are lots of dogs in the building, it’s a dog friendly building that has a dog park on site. Definitely note that re: noise and if you’re dog people.

As far as noise, it’s not awful if you’re in your apartment with the windows closed. But our apartment ran hot (something they were never able to fix) and it was so loud if we had a window open. If you’re facing lechmere, you can definitely hear the announcements.

We got a great deal during COVID so that’s what drew us in, great walking to cambridge crossing through Morgan St.

TLDR: the noise isn’t from upstairs and there’s lots of cons to consider.

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heinzketchup23 t1_jdofctv wrote

Stay away from these train yards and train lines- we live next to one of the train lines now and it is always honking as it passes our building. Not for someone who is sensitive to noise for sure.

I think we toured that building two years ago and there were way more reviews complaining about an evening noise from the train yard. When we asked the leasing agent he replied, “Some people like the noise.”

Has been our favorite joke about the train since.


stylishdonut t1_jdp66s4 wrote

We need to be neighbors as I am also very sensitive to noise 🔥


bowlofcherries16 t1_jdpkpgw wrote

I lived in the area for a year. I am also sensitive to noises, and the construction alone got to me. I lived there before the green line extension was up and running.


Rachmurph92 t1_jdq42up wrote

I live here now - feel free to DM me!