Submitted by callofspacey t3_1255d6m in CambridgeMA

Hi neighbors - My partner and I will be moving to a new apartment that is literally across the street from our current apartment in Riverside (landlord is renovating/selling our current property and needs us out by April 30).

Does anyone have any recommendations for local moving services? We will be packing and moving our smaller things ourselves since the new apartment is so close, but we would really like to hire someone to move the big furniture. So far, I have gotten a general quote from College Hunks (~$1,200 for 4.5 hours), but that's it.

Edit: We ended up going with Stairhoppers due to their stellar reviews. They gave us an awesome price as well. Thanks all for your recommendations!



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S_thyrsoidea t1_je33r99 wrote

I had a very good experience with Stairhoppers, under really adverse conditions.


mtmsm t1_je3al8i wrote

Seconding Stairhoppers. I moved a lot of small things myself and mostly used them for the large stuff. They were incredible fast and it was under $500 with the tip. I did have to pay to reserve parking spots for the moving truck which was another $90.


callofspacey OP t1_je38h5z wrote

Thanks for the rec! Now I'm curious...can I ask what these conditions were?


S_thyrsoidea t1_je39xhg wrote

Got to the new place and the elevator was out of order. Also, it was February (pro tip: never move in February), and it was like 10ºF out. It was absolutely miserable.

I tipped them a small fortune. They earned every dime.


callofspacey OP t1_je3abjr wrote

Oh man, that's rough! And makes me nervous for the functionality of the elevator in my new building....


SheeEttin t1_je52lq7 wrote

I've used them a number of times, though under normal conditions. They're very fast, very friendly, very helpful.


covhr t1_je30fmi wrote

Gentle Giant. Not the cheapest but super professional. They took care of me and my belongings during both of my moves.


NJS_Stamp t1_je4vq71 wrote

I used to live in a “not so legal” apartment with some Ukrainian folx that were working there on visa.

Honestly some of the kindest people I ever met and best neighbors, they also helped move me in the first day when my friend had to bail.


mary_wren11 t1_je5upu1 wrote

Really liked Gentle Giant. They are the only mover I've used who came in below quote and the crew was great.


t1s2r3d4 t1_je4qdfg wrote

Anton’s Movers.

Do not use College Hunks.


_DanceMyth_ t1_je2ta1e wrote

A Plus moving is awesome they’ve moved me twice, I thought their pricing was pretty transparent and the guys were great. They charged < $200 an hour, though definitely don’t forget to tip


shoot79 t1_je2rxsx wrote

Centaur moving inc. Hired them twice and had a great experience both times. Professional, efficient, and polite.


pfemme2 t1_je3tm23 wrote

…I have the most amazing mental image of like, literal centaurs, moving my boxes of textbooks. Can only be let down by reality now!


Dig_Douggadome t1_je4y896 wrote

Spry and Gentle Giant. Moving can be expensive but you really get what you pay for when you go cheap.


rennae8 t1_je3hcad wrote

I used collegehunks a few years ago to move a mile away...sadly I wasn't impressed. I paid ~$1.5k, they dropped (and shattered) a mirror, and cracked the plastic cover on the back of the TV.


cstreetz t1_je56g85 wrote

I used Flash Movers for 3 of my moves in the last few years. They were awesome and really fairly priced!