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S_thyrsoidea t1_je33r99 wrote

I had a very good experience with Stairhoppers, under really adverse conditions.


mtmsm t1_je3al8i wrote

Seconding Stairhoppers. I moved a lot of small things myself and mostly used them for the large stuff. They were incredible fast and it was under $500 with the tip. I did have to pay to reserve parking spots for the moving truck which was another $90.


callofspacey OP t1_je38h5z wrote

Thanks for the rec! Now I'm curious...can I ask what these conditions were?


S_thyrsoidea t1_je39xhg wrote

Got to the new place and the elevator was out of order. Also, it was February (pro tip: never move in February), and it was like 10ºF out. It was absolutely miserable.

I tipped them a small fortune. They earned every dime.


callofspacey OP t1_je3abjr wrote

Oh man, that's rough! And makes me nervous for the functionality of the elevator in my new building....


SheeEttin t1_je52lq7 wrote

I've used them a number of times, though under normal conditions. They're very fast, very friendly, very helpful.