Submitted by thecleanmechanic t3_127hluu in ColumbiaMD

I was heading to work this morning a little bit earlier than I normally do. I was going down Snowden River Parkway towards Tamar Drive and in the distance I could see something in the road. As I approached I was thinking it was a large animal that was hit by a car, the size of a bigger dog or a deer but NOPE, it was a man in his mid thirties lying on his stomach sprawled across the dotted line. As this point I was crawling-5mph to make sure he wasn’t hit by a car but he sprung up to his feet and moved backwards like he was either high or drunk. Now I don’t know if this guy was suicidal, drunk or he wanted me to completely stop so he could bust me upside the head and take my car. I called HCPD non emergency line and they told me thank you for calling but 3 people just called before me and that they’re sending 2 officers out right away. I don’t know what else to say. I’ve lived here most of my life and this is the most bizarre thing I’ve encountered here. I’m just glad I didn’t hit him cause I would’ve been traumatized. I don’t know if there’s any point to this story but if you see something weird and you have bad feeling about it stop till you get to a safe place and call somebody.



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f1sh98 t1_jeeh1b0 wrote

Drugs are a hell of a drug


WeeabooHunter69 t1_jeeg8wo wrote

If anyone hears about a follow up for this, please say so! This is bizarre


thecleanmechanic OP t1_jeemdm2 wrote

I called my pops an hour after it happened, he’s a retired PO for HoCo and still has friends in the PD. He said he’ll try to find an update on this bizarre event.


FineWinePaperCup t1_jeemahv wrote

My first thought was - didn’t HoCo spin up a mental health emergency line, like 911 but for things that don’t need police, instead mental health help. So it doesn’t turn into a news-worthy type police encounter.

And then I couldn’t remember what the number for it was. So, you know, not useful when you need it. And then I tried to Google for it, and also couldn’t find what I was looking for. So, if this does exist, hopefully it’s where the non-emergency people route the call.


FineWinePaperCup t1_jeemowr wrote

Oh, maybe this is it: the Howard County Mobile Crisis Team (MCT) at 410-531-6677. MCT is a two-member team of mental health professionals whose primary objective is to assist people in handling and managing emotional, traumatic or psychiatric crises. MCT is available 9:00 a.m. to 11 p.m. seven days a week.


thecleanmechanic OP t1_jeepx2k wrote

That number would’ve been no good to me at that time. This happened at 4:30 this morning.


thecleanmechanic OP t1_jeenh09 wrote

Google gave me a few of their numbers so I tried for their closest location. I called their Long Reach field office but it went straight to their voicemail lol. The next best bet was their main office in Ellicott City.


kingRidiculous t1_jeeubo9 wrote

I'm not directing this at the OP who did all the right things, but this is another reminder that when you are behind the wheel of a vehicle, you are controlling 2 tons of mass that won't stop as soon as you think it will. Always be alert with your focus out the front windshield, with occasional and brief checks of your mirrors. Anticipate and drive defensively.

Also, speed limits are scientifically designed and should be followed.


encore412 t1_jeem9ma wrote

Thank you for the info. That sounds scary


Impressive-Dish9278 t1_jeenuvm wrote

Holy crap! Like, I can’t even imagine what I would do if this happened to me! Thank you for sharing!


BeatNutz57 t1_jeevvjm wrote

Is this the same guy who lives in the bus stop over by the traffic circle near Blandair Park? I usually see him sleeping there with his cart if I'm headed towards the post office early in the morning.


thecleanmechanic OP t1_jef1ext wrote

This guy didn’t look like he was homeless. I gave a pretty detailed description to the PD. Black male, mid thirties, beard and mustache, thin build. He had brand new Jordan’s on, clean whiteish blue jeans, black boxer shorts(when I say he was sprawled out I mean it, his pants were halfway on and i could see his boxers clear as day)a blue sweatshirt and a varsity street styled jacket.


BeatNutz57 t1_jef6uuq wrote

Yeah, that's definitely not the Bus Stop Guy. From the brief glimpse I've seen of him in passing, he looks more like he's dressed for the coming apocalypse. Glad to hear you avoided this other guy, especially since it's still dark as hell around here that time of morning.