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[deleted] t1_iry940z wrote



RevRagnarok t1_is0147h wrote

> Very extensive beer menu.

Sadly the last time I was there it was 2/3 IPAs.


michness t1_irylima wrote

The Alehouse off of Dobbin Rd


intothexsjados t1_iryn2r4 wrote

Totally forgot about them. Highly recommend, also suggest their duck confit grilled cheese if it’s still available 🙌🏻


JLRedditsStuff t1_irywpgi wrote



AgitatedText t1_irz2lzp wrote

second for jailbreak. they always have something i want to drink there, and the food is consistently good (especially the fries). relaxing environment, too.


GenXr_from_301 OP t1_is17zzl wrote

Hmmm, maybe I usually frequent both hysteria and black flag, guess I can give jailbreak a try.


AgitatedText t1_is32ywh wrote

while the beers are good at all three, jailbreak holds an advantage in variety, comfortable accommodations, and in having their own kitchen.


[deleted] t1_iryhisb wrote

White Oak Tavern - technically Ellicott City but close enough :)


GenXr_from_301 OP t1_iryk8lt wrote

My wife just mentioned that to me, so maybe.


[deleted] t1_irykvr0 wrote

Would definitely give it a shot for the burger alone, but they had a good beer selection last time I was there. Outdoor seating too.


HailCeasar t1_irys4tm wrote

Busboys and Poets. Best burger I've had in a long time.


Legitimate-Produce-1 t1_iryziwa wrote

I'm obsessed with Busboys and Poets. Haven't had a bad meal yet.


CheckYoDunningKrugr t1_is0yurn wrote

Really? What am I missing? Twice there and unimpressed both times.


EmptyBarnacle t1_irzykax wrote

The Turnhouse at Hobbits Glen has amazing burgers and great fries. Some good beers too. If you sit outside, you get to relax and look out onto a golf course with some nice scenery. If you’re a CA member, you can use their driving range and hit some balls before grabbing a burger. Alternatively there’s a tennis court nearby as well.

Only real downside is that the service is incredibly slow but if you’re not in a rush, that shouldn’t be an issue.


GenXr_from_301 OP t1_is10777 wrote

Nah, not really in a hurry so slow service is to big of an issue, but there's a difference between slow and dying at the window.


EmptyBarnacle t1_is11du1 wrote

Ha! Normally they’re fairly quick about getting you the food once you put in the order. But getting the check or anything else after? Might grow a gray hair or two while waiting.


TinyHorseHands t1_is0c5fg wrote

Surprised this was downvoted because it's dead on. Turnhouse easily has the best burger compared to all the other places listed in this thread. Manor Hill Tavern and Victoria's do come close. Only other place I'd throw in is Frisco. Might be a little step down in quality, but it's a bit cheaper and probably has the best beer selection in Columbia.

And Turnhouse definitely occasionally has incredibly slow service. Depends on the server. Sometimes we're in and out in 45 minutes, sometimes basically the same order takes twice as long.


EmptyBarnacle t1_is0e9i2 wrote

I would go as far as to boldly claim it has the best burger in Howard County. I always caveat that with the slow service overall. I still enjoy the overall experience.


freecain t1_is0prcb wrote

Some great suggestions here - another option is Corner Stable. The fries are basic, but if you don't get them to go, quite good.


ratpH1nk t1_is0zm15 wrote

I would tell you don't go, surprisingly to Iron Bridge. Overworked meat tasted like a dense meatball on a bun. But Manor Hill Tavern, Victorias, White Oak are all solid for burger + beer.


moserpup t1_is16kvz wrote

Cured! Great burger and beer selection


Wx_Justin t1_is1qvv2 wrote

I love food trucks, so my recommendation would be Sapwood Cellars for good beer when they have a food truck that sells burgers/fries.

May not be the most "consistent" answer considering they don't always have food trucks with burgers/fries, but when they're in for a treat.


brch01 t1_is1v6p5 wrote

River Hill Grille


duelingsith t1_isjcoqp wrote

Mad cow grill in Laurel has amazing burgers! I also second Ale House. Jailbreak changed their menu a few years ago with some fancy new chef and I don't personally like it as much as before.


LJ_Wanderer t1_iryyv6c wrote

I'm a big fan of the burgers from the Silver Dinner, but I can't speak to their beer selection.


intothexsjados t1_irybk2x wrote

Shakeshack tbh


GenXr_from_301 OP t1_iryc2hs wrote

I wasn't to impressed, and they don't serve beer or do they? but I'm willing to try them again


WeeabooHunter69 t1_iryy3fs wrote

I was pretty satisfied with the one at famous Dave's in Columbia crossing but also I quit that place because they were ableist so I don't wanna support them. My next best choice is the red robin across the street.