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The Liberty Act prohibits Howard County from collecting and sharing immigration information about residents with entities outside of Howard County.

It’s Question A on the ballot this election and voting FOR would allow the protections to stay in place. But they have funded the campaign to repeal it.

Allan Kittleman with $5,000 and Yungmann with $3,000



Scroll down to the Petition Fund Report and it’s on Page 9 of 42



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randxalthor t1_itvfo26 wrote

Thanks for digging this up. It's people like you who keep democracy alive.


RewardNo4972 t1_itxnrrc wrote

Agreed!! Thanks so much. Now I know to vote against this!! Wasn't going to before. Stop hating on LEGAL immigrants.


MrQuint1975 t1_itx1w5d wrote

Take note of the name Adler on this report, too. 😏


UnreasonableDoubter t1_itxrt0v wrote

Yep. Just one reading of her thinly veiled Republican dog whistles gave away her false claims at being independent.


Kylearean t1_ityc459 wrote

Sanctuary legislation will ruin this county. We don't want it, and will actively vote and campaign against it


wedoalittlepolling OP t1_itzgwhc wrote

its already enacted and i dont see how it ruined the county


danteheehaw t1_iu7uol0 wrote

According to conservatives this nation has been in ruin since it was founded, and we always need to go back to the good ol days when the nation was better.


Skulbalski t1_itxf7q9 wrote

Great news! Americans who want American Laws enforced what a concept.

I like that this issue is on the ballot as a referendum. But what happens if the referendum fails and the county exec and council still make HoCo a sanctuary? Everyone should be alarmed if this situation comes up.


wedoalittlepolling OP t1_itxrwlp wrote

If the referendum passes then I doubt the county government would have the balls to do the right thing and keep the protections


[deleted] t1_itvjvmt wrote



wedoalittlepolling OP t1_itvkpyd wrote

crime went up during kittleman and down during ball so glad youre telling everyone you hate hispanics


FarmerExternal t1_itvs4ax wrote

Crime went down if you don’t consider illegally entering a country a crime. Unfortunately federal law does consider it a felony


ttsci t1_itxjapn wrote

> Crime went down if you don’t consider illegally entering a country a crime.

That's just flat-out false. Howard County reports crimes in accordance with the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting program. You can read the data collection guidelines for yourself.

Crime rates are an apples-to-apples comparison because they use the same standardized metrics. The crime reports are published online here and contain data from 2014 to present. Here's all of the data for you to see for yourself. Crime numbers, using the exact same standards year-to-year, are dramatically lower.

Year Violent Crimes Property Crimes Total (Part I + Part 2) Offenses
2014 613 5750 15640
2015 733 5331 15589
2016 730 5568 15834
2017 785 5533 15853
2018 655 4610 14400
2019 523 4330 13561
2020 396 3618 11389
2021 419 3637 11531

You're entitled to your opinion on immigration but bad-faith strawmen don't help your argument.


wedoalittlepolling OP t1_itvsgt7 wrote

oh no people are trying to have a better life


FarmerExternal t1_itvt2wt wrote

Look all I’m saying is that pretending something isn’t illegal doesn’t change the fact that it is. Every time I hear about Howard County being a “sanctuary county” I’m reminded of the town hall a couple years back where an immigrant from China got up and said “Why did I have to do it the right way and they don’t?”


wedoalittlepolling OP t1_itvuxow wrote

One less person had to go through that bullshit process just because one person had to suffer doesnt mean everyone else does


FarmerExternal t1_itvzimd wrote

The bullshit process that’s been refined over decades to ensure that the people coming into the country are who they say they are? You must hate the application process for jobs, getting a license, getting a car loan, a house loan, etc. It’s annoying, sure, but there’s a reason behind everything.

And if the process is so complicated and pointless, why does every country in the world have a similar one in place, and why is the solution open borders instead of streamlining the process?


wedoalittlepolling OP t1_itw5mgw wrote

bro if you seriously think the us government cares about the well being of immigrants and that they want to improve the immigration process idk what to tell you


FranciscoSolanoLopez t1_itvzjk4 wrote

The Liberty Act won't make anyone "legal" or not and as far as I know it won't interfere with any process they're going through to do things the "right" way. It simply prohibits county services from sharing immigration status with ICE and allows normal people to live their normal lives without fear after any sort of contact with county authorities.


FarmerExternal t1_itvzpvb wrote

You’re right, it doesn’t make people legal citizens. It prevents the County government from enforcing a federal law that they have a duty to enforce


FranciscoSolanoLopez t1_itw700j wrote

Well that's the thing. This doesn't just apply to the police. It applies to all social services. And none of them are actually enforcing the federal law. Only the federal authorities can do that. Hence Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Let them enforce the laws and receive no help from the county.