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No-Organization6449 t1_iujfw22 wrote

Does anyone want to talk about his history of unethical behavior and corruption?


Nottheface1337 t1_iujihnp wrote

No one cared about your Pro-Kittleman comments last time. Get out and vote and flex your opinion through the ballot. You didn’t even respond to the last comments we sent your way lol. Run and hide for another week until you can ruin the comments of another post. Seriously?!?!!! It’s a Ball. A CALVIN Ball!!!! How did that not immediately generate joy for you. Love it. Thanks OP!!


Creamofsoup t1_iujjfub wrote

>How did that not immediately generate joy for you

It's a low effort shit post in an overwhelmingly blue subreddit. It only generated annoyance for me, and I'm voting for the guy.


Nottheface1337 t1_iujkplm wrote

Fair enough. Same boat. But, After a long day of mid meeting jokes. I’ll take the shitpost lol. Thank you for keeping me grounded. Perhaps I’ve got some stuff to learn and won’t mouth off next time like a little Bisque 🤪


koei19 t1_iujjgzc wrote

You post some variation of this every time somebody mentions Ball but you never follow up with any facts or examples. Do you even want to talk about it?