Submitted by ResearcherTerrible14 t3_yyxikj in ColumbiaMD

I’ve been looking for a good Mexican place with vegan or vegetarian options but haven’t been able to find a good one yet. Does anyone have recommendations for such a place? Doesn’t matter if it’s far from Columbia. I’m also open to other cuisines/places that have vegan/vegetarian options. Any suggestion is appreciated! Thanks.



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boobiesiheart t1_iwwv02y wrote


  • Great Sage, Clarksville
  • farm house greens, catonsville

puzzledmoon t1_iwwvt91 wrote

Mi Casa has some pretty good vegetarian options, but not vegan. It was my favorite Mexican food I've had in Maryland so far.


LJ_Wanderer t1_iwwwsqn wrote

The Silver Dinner has many vegetarian and some vegan options. For Mexican in this area my vegetarian wife prefers La Papalapa in old Ellicott City.


PoisonMind t1_iwwwvvt wrote

Mom's Organic Market in Jessup has a vegan deli inside and of course lots of great vegan options in the grocery aisles.

NuVegan Cafe is in College Park (and it's right next to a Board & Brew, a board game cafe that also has a couple of tasty vegetarian options.)


jules9687 t1_iwwzi6c wrote

Others have said La Palapa in EC, but there's also La Palapa Too in Fulton, for Mexican with vegan options.

For vegan in general, seconding Great Sage, but there's also a ton of options next door in the Clarksville Commons, particularly Koshary and the Banh Mi place. Plus Roots is there, and that's always a great stop for vegan essentials.


tribecalledchef t1_iwx5vfg wrote

Busboys and Poets has a great vegetarian/vegan selection. Dok Khao right next to it also has a large selection of vegetarian (maybe vegan? not sure) Thai food.


fROM_614_Ohio t1_iwx6w12 wrote

Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant, 2531 Chain Bridge Rd, Vienna, VA 22181

It’s my favorite.


Rashaverik t1_iwx8f76 wrote

Mango Grove off Stanford & Dobbin.


cornonthekopp t1_iwxky5d wrote

Not mexican but there is a really good ethiopian restaurant in ellicott city that you definitely have to try. There are tons of dishes that are already traditionally vegan or vegetarian


chairmanm30w t1_iwxwhrz wrote

Dok Khao Thai has a lot of vegetarian and vegan options. The setting is beautiful too, and they have amazing desserts and cocktails.


Golferguy49 t1_iwxxvgq wrote

Great Sage

Silver Diner

Busboys and Poets

Aneganda Delights

All good food within 10 minutes of Columbia


hojaytee t1_iwxyebc wrote

Eattini Thai in Ellicott City has lots of vegetarian options, and is one of my favorite restaurants in the area. I highly recommend their chive cakes appetizer.

Mango Grove is a really great Indian restaurant, has lots of both Vegetarian and Vegan choices.

Regionale has more limited options (just 3 vegetarian sandwiches), but they're all super tasty. I'm also in love with their house-made chips.


acedelaf t1_iwytiwp wrote

This reminds me of how much I miss college Krishna food


freecain t1_iwz7mdr wrote

All the highly rated Indian places do great vegetarian food. Clarksville common has that Bahn mi place where you can their sandwich with impossible meat. Regional usually has done great vegetarian options. Traveling out of HC, look up Ahadu or Tigi for take out (or any Ethiopian places in DC to eat in) for incredible vegetarian and vegan options.

Sorry, but Mexican is lacking, and the ones we have tend to be basic on vegetation and lack vegan


J_Shar t1_iwzge9a wrote

I had a great vegetarian burrito from Tampico Grill! I find it's often hard to get high-quality veggie options, even with places that do have those options. This one was full of veggies and super delicious!


NoDaikon9612 t1_ix473di wrote

Tacos Don Perez in Silver Spring serves authentic cuisine, nothing Tex mex. Great vegan and vegetarian options as well.


ForceExciting t1_ixfm86m wrote

I actually don’t know. The do a mix of black and pinto beans. They aren’t really refried. I suspect their vegetarian but definitely check.

The ones at pachangas, teca, and palapas are vegetarian I think. Except Sundays when they make mama Lola’s beans.


Karkar2112 t1_ixky8te wrote

Mango grill in Laurel has some great vegetarian options! Vegetarian tamale is one of them