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LJ_Wanderer t1_j27t2m7 wrote

How about where Illchester road crosses the Patapsco?


dashinny t1_j26mi94 wrote

Prob not ideal to do magnet fishing in Columbia as there aren't many deep waters, you can try Columbia lake or lake elkhorn though.


throway35885328 t1_j29xt9d wrote

I tried lake elkhorn, no luck. Same with Wilde Lake


dashinny t1_j29xygu wrote

Sounds like you’re better off driving to inner harbor with the other guy who magnet fishes there.


throway35885328 t1_j29y2i4 wrote

I mean I work in fells point so once the weathers nicer I might bring my gear for my lunch break haha


dashinny t1_j2bl6d2 wrote

Btw if you do go to the Columbia lake, lmk if you find anything, I doubt it, but would still be interesting!


throway35885328 t1_j29xx9j wrote

Wilde Lake and Elkhorn my buddy and I had no luck. Our next spot is probably gonna be Columbia lakefront