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crruss t1_j3e68pi wrote



DanielLikesPlants t1_j3dr63o wrote

rn chiklin tiki masala, pizzaman sells a chicken masala pizza its so good


i_live_in_maryland t1_j3eorzf wrote

Have you tried curry'n'pie? (It's a little far from Columbia, in Elkridge or Catonsville, N on Rt 1.)


nahxela t1_j3fgp7l wrote

One time I ordered chicken tiki pizza from a place, but the person on the phone must've misheard my order because I picked up a plain chicken pizza. I was very sad.


CheeeeeeseGromit t1_j3dx7cl wrote

I like sawsedge and hot peeppers.

(Giardiniera if there are any other Chicago transplants here...)


fritzimitzi77 t1_j3f9ohi wrote

Exxon pizza doesn’t sound particularly appealing lol


xitel t1_j3fksz3 wrote

It's a pizza joint attached to the Exxon by the mall. Like how some places have a Subway, or R&R Taqeuria was attached to a gas station on Rt 1. I personally don't care for them, but my parents swore by them when they still lived here.


AntcuFaalb t1_j3fv043 wrote

It's not great, butt it's the closest to NY pizza in the area IMO.


EbaySniper t1_j3z0j1j wrote

I've had it once, but it's not as oily as you would think


FranciscoSolanoLopez OP t1_j3elq5e wrote

By the way, this photo isn't edited beside zooming and cropping. Go to the Exxon at the corner of Little Patuxent Pkwy & Banneker Rd to see it for yourself!


BobknobSA t1_j3fv00n wrote

Is Waterloo good, or is it just gas station pizza good?


gravybang t1_j3h43k2 wrote

It's the closest to NY street pizza Columbia has. It's amazing if you've been drinking and you need some bread and grease it's the place to be.


FranciscoSolanoLopez OP t1_j3gqjjf wrote

I've never had their pizza but their cheese steaks are really good! They're in the same building as the Exxon but in a different part.


gravybang t1_j3h3fle wrote

That pizza is the greatest late night pizza in the world. Sooooo greasy