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pez34 t1_j4w5scn wrote

Wow...kinda surprised this wasn't a thing already. Way back in the late 90s we could do dual-enrollment at the local community college where I'm from in Appalachian Ohio, not exactly the most progressive place. And one could do full time both Junior and Senior years to graduate with an associates degree...HCPSS's program one has to commit early in 9th grade to get an associates and can only do full time in Senior year. Its strange Howard County's program isn't as good 25 years later.


neofresh t1_j4ys1dj wrote

AA County has recently done something like this too.


gotnoh8 t1_j4zn2p2 wrote

This sounds really cool


phejster t1_j4w6nom wrote

Already out of high school? Too fucking bad I guess.


TimbersawDust t1_j4xi7ld wrote

This is such a dumb comment. People shouldn’t be rejected opportunities just because the people before them didn’t have those opportunities.


senpai-d t1_j504tam wrote

“Better tech shouldn’t be invented because dead people can’t use it”


phejster t1_j50chp7 wrote

Are people out of high school dead?


perfecttoad t1_j53duvn wrote

cure for cancer?!?! well what about the people who already died from it 😡