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I’m sorry I have to remind Columbia residents: please be kind at Dunkin. It is a choice. For those that don’t know, the franchise owners have NO CONTROL over what the Dunkin app says and what is available in reality. Getting mad about your Brown Butter Toffee latte only scared the teenager working behind the counter.



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ylime32 OP t1_j88nsl0 wrote

Also, it goes both ways. There’s no reason the franchise should attempt to make a replacement flavor without asking you first. There’s also, you know, putting up a sign that says “We are out of these flavors”. Perhaps that violates a franchise agreement (unauthorized signage)?

Please remember these are people. And you’re upset about coffee.


Limerase t1_j88puew wrote

Honestly, working in a coffee shop is one job I never wanted. People are such addicts that they think their drug withdrawal (because face it, caffeine is a stimulant drug and people are dependent on it) makes it acceptable to be nasty.

There should be a asshole tax, like that one place down in Virginia, CUPS Coffee & Tea.
"Small coffee"-$5
"Small coffee, please."-$3
"Hello, one small coffee, please."-$1.75


rraszews t1_j8gau5p wrote

Not blaming the franchisees, but it is utterly unconscionable that any restaurant has a mobile order app with no simple way to go to your recent order and press a button for "I did not get what I ordered" to have things fixed. ALL the major chain apps have this issue where if you don't get what you ordered, the local shop can't do anything and the app can't do anything, you have to go to their website and use their generic contact form and wait for someone to contact you and typically it involves them giving you a coupon or telling the manager to comp you something - never "We just cancel the charge and refund your money"


ConsiderationRude156 t1_j8gr8ow wrote

Also people need to figure out how the mobile drive through works. How many times have morons been mad and honked at me or given the finger because I “cut” in line? A lot. It’s not cutting when I preordered and zipper in like you’re supposed to.


zweischeisse t1_j9p35b7 wrote

Wait, that's a thing? Which Dunkin location are we discussing? Whenever I order for drive through pickup at Oakland Mills I wait in line like everyone else.


ylime32 OP t1_j9zqtf4 wrote

Perhaps the Route 1/Guilford location? It has several lanes, one specifying Mobile order. Shaker drive also, they have more lanes, but no sign indicating to bypass the line.